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By use or purchase of 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation' "JHN DANCE" products and /or services, you hereby as of inclusion of use or purchase completely agree and understand the terms and conditions that apply to use of 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation "JHN DANCE" products and/or services. Must be 18+ to purchase JHN DANCE Products or Services.

Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation "JHN DANCE" is not liable for any harm or injury suffered whilst participating in any JHN DANCE classes "Live", "In-Person" or via "online Recording/ Recorded material". Those participating in any and all JHN DANCE classes and/or lessons are deemed completely competent in mind and body to participate in physical JHN DANCE classes and/or lessons or educational JHN DANCE classes and/or lessons. JHN DANCE maintains the right to refuse or deny service to those deemed incompetent or unqualified whether mentally or physically in all JHN DANCE activities. Age restrictions apply to JHN DANCE services (Ages 10 - 21), but products are available to all. Restrictions are implemented for the protection of the students. Parents and/or guardians have full discretion to observe lessons at the parents and student's authority and comfortability levels.


JHN DANCE has a 100% GUARANTEE Lesson Policy. Meaning all dance lesson requests will be fulfilled.

'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' is licensed with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to use such musical content under the scope of its licensing, and reserves the right to deny the use of music not under the scope of 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' licensing with ASCAP. 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' does not claim to own, reproduce or sale any of the music included in its musical licensing scope with ASCAP.

Purchase of 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation' "JHN DANCE" products such as clothing are deemed subject to Minnesota Retail Sales Tax requirements.

Purchase of 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation' "JHN DANCE" products such as clothing means you are aware of product quality and make components including but not limited to fabric, linen, manufacturing source and thus are in complete understanding of your (the Purchasers) allergic(y), political, or personal standards, biases and medical conditions deeming 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' "JHN DANCE" not liable for any political, personal, or medical condition neglect of the purchaser.

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Any further concerns in regard to 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' concerns, please refer to the 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' Terms and Conditions. 

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Jacob Hollingsworth Network is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota Logo.

Minneapolis, MN.


P.O. Box 27503

Golden Valley, MN.




"The vision is to become a visionary. To lead in a new generation. A generation where all creators receive their dues. To become the person they aspire to be. Everyone out there has a story. It's who will take the steps to be the best they can be that will change the world for us all. The ones willing to live and die for what they believe in." - JLH

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