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CYRUS S1C7: Out of Options and Out of Time

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

(Cyrus pulls into the paved driveway to the left of the Loan's Family porch. A large vibrant green bush sits at the corner of the bottom right of the porch and to the right of the beautifully paved driveway. Curtis was awaiting on the edge of the walk way to the porch and the front lawn. Watching as Cyrus pulls into the driveway. Lights on the car are on, so Cyrus gets sight of Curtis watching him pull in. The rain had subsided just before darkness completely falls. Cyrus parks, and exits.)

YOUNG CURTIS: Where have you been?

CYRUS: Out. Just... taking a look around, is all.

YOUNG CURTIS: Aren't you worried someone will see you?

CYRUS: Yeah, but... I kinda needed to get out.

(Cyrus walks over. Hands in his coat pockets. His left hand fiddling the cap of the painkillers in his left pocket. He rests over on the porch steps.)

CYRUS: How does it feel? Having all that energy? Still being a kid?

(Curtis walks over to take a seat next to Cyrus on the creaking staircase.)

YOUNG CURTIS: I don't know. I've only been a kid so...

CYRUS: Savior every moment of being a kid. Being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be.

YOUNG CURTIS: Psht, yeah, okay. I'm over being told what to do. I just want to start my real life.

CYRUS: ... what do you think life is?

CURTIS: I don't know. But I know it's not this.

CYRUS: ... this is life, Curtis. You're young; live it up.

YOUNG CURTIS: Wait a minute, are you foreshadowing me?

CYRUS: You just learned that word? You're in the -- what, 7th or 8th grade? 2008...

YOUNG CURTIS: I'm in the 7th.

CYRUS: Right.

YOUNG CURTIS: So what am I doing now? Well, in the future?

CYRUS: ... You know I can't tell you that. Come on, now. But what I can tell you... we're still really good friends.

YOUNG CURTIS: You seem so much different though.

CYRUS: I am, but you've stuck with me every step of the way. Something happened.

(There's a silence in conversation. You can hear the chirping of critters after the rain.)

CYRUS: Just know, you're still the best friend I've ever had.

YOUNG CURTIS: So what's your plan? How are you going to figure out who, "killed her mom"? What's her name again?

CYRUS: Elizabeth. But... the plan? I guess I'll just...

[3 Days later..]

(Cyrus stands rugged in his overly worn white tee-shirt and signature black coat. Hand fiddling on the painkillers in his left coat pocket. Peering through the blinding sunlight down the long stretch of the upper middle class community. The address Elizabeth had given him before traveling into 2008 ahead of him. The land presented to each neighboring home was vast. Each home had brick columns on the left and right front ends of the driveway. An expensively cemented brick. The address of the homes were layered largely on the left brick of each home. The mailboxes sat on the column as well. Black and aged well. Cyrus looks to the watch on his left wrist to check the current time. 4:28 PM.)

CYRUS: I should have brought my shades.

(Cyrus starts to make his way down the block closer to the address. He gets a more vivid view of the home. Now, he can see that brick was the foundation of this home. The glare from the porch above was from the screen door which had a white frame. The flattering red brick was topped by a wooden, charcoal colored roof. The closer Cyrus got, he could now see the dark brown front door behind the front door's screen. The wind blowing the stature of Cyrus in various directions. Cyrus checks his watch again... 4:31 PM. The nerves build as Cyrus takes a huge inward, then outward breath. He now stands left of the home near the professionally crafted lawn of the neighbors. The grass of the neighbor's home green, and bushes along the bottom of the outstretched wing of the home where a horizontal window was tinted above the bushes. This is when Cyrus realized something looking over at the tinted window. His eyes squinted. This time, not because of the radiation of the sun, but in utter confusion. He then thought back to the night where he had pulled into the driveway 3 days ago. It was February. Why had there been "vibrant bushes"? He thought back even more; his nerves rising as his mouth hung agate. There had been beautiful weather the day he arrived. The weather of late spring. The weather had been consistently unlike any February he had known around Double City. Blossoming trees and bushes around. His nerves are near raging at this point as his concern begins to rise. He begins to fiddle more swiftly the lid of the painkiller capsule in his left pocket. He turns back to the home of his focus. Checks his watch again... 4:35 PM. Just then, Cyrus starts to second guess himself just slightly. But not enough to make him feel as though he was out of place. He was still prepared to go in. He watches his watch until the time reads 4:36 PM. Before he looks back up, there's a creaking sound that comes from the home. The front door slowly opens behind the screen, but there's no one there. Cyrus's confusion rises again. He waits to see if someone would appear, but no one does. The door just stays agate. He could not see beyond the screen to see any contents, but he could see there was no one coming out. Suddenly, there was a flash of white light from the left outstretched window of the home. Cyrus looks on as his adrenaline builds. He then rushes to the driveway with just a walk. He stands at the end of the driveway and checks his watch again... 4:37 PM.

He walks through the front door. No lights were on. Where could that flash have come from? There was a large running Mayan designed rug. Velvet. Running over the dark laminated wooden floors. To the right of the rug from the view of the lobby, was a large staircase with a rail that had a circular bend clockwise on the right of the staircase as the railing design. Cyrus looked up ahead to the left where there was a room. A room with seemingly large windows. The light from the outside glowed over the light grey carpet. There was silence from that direction. Cyrus walks towards that room. It was a sitting area where a dark brown coffee table sat at the center of the room, surrounding by varying seating options which were leather and dark brown. This had been the room where the light had come from. But there was nothing there to cause such a flash. Not a person, or object. There had been a noise coming from the kitchen, but not of endangered concern. It sounded as though there was cleaning happening. Cyrus quickly looks around, and hides behind an outstretched wall to the left of the entrance, because the kitchen was just to the right of the room. Northeast to be exact. So he hid on the right side. There was a large round clock above an end table fronting the center of the wall. He hears someone walk in, and hears what sounds like an unwrapping of a cord of some sort. This cord was definitely attached to something. He hears the folding of something... no doubt this was... like a vacuum. Cyrus peaks slowly around the corner to confirm. There was an elderly Hispanic maid with brunette, nearly red hair in a pink uniform preparing to vacuum the rug.)

CYRUS: (A maid? Elizabeth said there was someone else here, but she couldn't have been talking about the help. This lady doesn't look like she can harm a fly.)

(The maid plugs in the vacuum on the wall closest to the open way leading to the dining room. So her back was turned toward Cyrus. She up-pulls the vacuum's cording; being careful to not run it over when she flicks the vacuum switch to "on". The loud noise opens a window for Cyrus to slip back out of the room from the way he came in. Creeping back to the front of the staircase as the hardwood floor under the rug made creaking and clogging sounds. Looking over his left shoulder to the 2nd level which was elongated vertically with the Master bedroom being presented with closed double doors that matched the wooden decor of the staircase and the floors. Cyrus peers to the right where there had to be more bedrooms. Cyrus looked on before climbing the staircase as quietly as he could. Careful not to creek the stairs; although the sound was dimmed by the running vacuum. As soon as Cyrus reached the top, the floor was grey carpeting again. He peaked to the right where there were more doors. One having to be Elizabeth's room where she said she'd been painting her nails at this time. But the time had come. Cyrus walks quickly to the double doors, and grabs hold of both door handles. Creaking sounds as he pushes forward through the door. Fully prepared. There was no time to think now. He had to go! It was 4:46 PM.

As Cyrus goes through the doors, he sees a mattress with light blue blankets, and white sheets peeled backwards all disorganized-like. He looks straight ahead to see a man wearing a white tee-shirt. He had a gelled 50s style hairdo, with strands hanging to his forehead. A woman lying on the bed, eyes completely shut. Cyrus then notices a a bronze and brown dagger in her gut. Blood staining the gown she wore. The woman had dark hair, darker than Elizabeth's, but similar, and seemingly similar to Elizabeth in stature. Cyrus then looked on to the woman's face. She had similarities to Elizabeth, but certainly didn't look like a spitting image of her. She was still. She was dead. Cyrus then looks up to the man standing above the body. There was no resemblance. This was certainly not Elizabeth's father. The man then smiles at Cyrus. With the most intimidating smile he had ever seen. He had this "factor" about him. Like he anticipated this moment. He did not seem surprised at the site of Cyrus. Nor was he worried. There was water running to the left of Cyrus. A private restroom. There was a man showering behind the brown door. He knew because the man mumbled and hummed under the water; ridging his voice. That had to be Elizabeth's father. Cyrus knew it. He looked back over to the man. Still holding the downward grin. Cyrus was frozen with fear, and curiosity. It was this man. He killed Elizabeth's mother. The Man folds his elbows at his hips, and palms to the sky. There was some blood staining on them. He speaks to Cyrus. His voice rigid and slightly deep.)

THE MAN: Oohh. This is too bad for you.

(Cyrus's eyes then squint at the corners. Trying to narrow the predicament into purer understanding. Before Cyrus could make another thought, The Man vanished. Through a plasma of light very similar to the light Cyrus traveled through to make it to the year 2008. The Man was gone, and Cyrus was left with the lifeless mother of Elizabeth.

Cyrus then hears the sounding of dim sirens. There was no doubt, it was the police. The sirens progressed and the shower shuts off in the restroom. Cyrus needed to decide what to do next with the situation unraveling right before his very eyes...)

CYRUS: Oh fuck. How do I get out of here? I have to get the fuck out of here!

(Cyrus turns and runs back out of the room, and down the staircase. As quickly as he could. Eyeing each step of the way. Creaking was still an issue, but it wasn't as big of a concern as not being seen. The vacuum shuts off now allowing the last two steps on the stairs to sound above the silence. As Cyrus makes it to the screen door, he hears a young voice from up behind him. It was Elizabeth's voice, and he knew it was. It made Cyrus's heart pound even faster. It caused a stall in his motion to escape. As he looked beyond the screen door into the street, 3 police squad cars were lined with lights flashing.)

YOUNG ELIZABETH: Nana!? What's going on!?

(Nana must be the maid. She would be walking into the hallway to see Cyrus in the lobby soon. Cyrus was at a loss of options. Cyrus pulls the handle, and busts through the screen door causing it to bungee back quickly on its own. Cyrus stood on the porch eyes on the Police who are now quickly exiting their cars. Guns out. Cyrus had one calling card now.)


(Nothing happened.)

CYRUS: No, no, no. Fuck! (I'm still out of juice.)





(Cyrus lifts his hands to the sky. There was no way out of this.)


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