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Pourings of Color: Drops of God Review

A captivating plot pieced together by immaculate setting design & execution. The colors well articulated by particular color grading. The process of creating a script through 3 languages. All layered in their set collectives to bring forth Drops of God. Unraveling those layers one-by-one to bring forth the JHN REVIEW of this Apple TV series.

Apple of the Family

Apple TV presets highly budgeted web series in high quality resolution and sound. Drops of God is shown in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS Sound. A rumored budget of $30M pillars the creation of the series. The show, on a whelm, did not receive the marketing campaign of equilibrium like 'The Morning Show' or 'Ted Lasso', but undoubtably holds significant value in its overall production value, and conclusive quality.

Quality of the Creation

An immersive experience floating upon well planned storyboarding with vast setting plans. Not much seemed out of place as the cast navigates the "stage front" settings. The wine yard scenes controlled the atmosphere when screened. The offices and restaurants of the late Alexandre Leger (Stanley Weber) stunned with brilliant color grading. The lighting was exposed with expanded highlighting and proper shadowing along the parameters of each room. Anything within the center and circulation of the center was properly toned. Prevailing in this matter at the highest grade were the glass objects of each scene. There is a brilliant balance of color. European Western shows tend to use dimmer coloring relying more on the melodrama. Asian Eastern shows tend to use more vivid dynamics creating a more animated feel. The balance is put together brilliantly by beginning the series in Paris with Camille Leger (Fleur Geffrier) with lower color schemes. Then, the show moves over into Tokyo where Alexandre Leger resided. Also, the place where Camille's competitor, the star pupil, Issei Tomine (Yamashita Tomohisa) resides. The clips are then blended to fit both audiences of the western and eastern worlds.

Camille & Issei having a glass of wine on the floor.
Drops of God - Apple TV

Particular Flavors

This brings forth the brilliantly evident balance of language diversification used on Drops of God. The language patterns are done with purposeful synchronization and understanding for those that speak English (Us Americans), the French, and Japanese. The languages are never used to insult our characters. They are used to create multiple dynamics to expound upon a varied horizon to connect the cultures presented. At the beginning of each episode, there is a title screen that explains the 3 languages in use, thus generously giving the audience time to make any adjustments they would like as each chapter begins. Multiple characters change their spoken language at each moment deemed appropriate. Presenting the thought that the casting direction team took their time in finding the actors and actresses who could change language patterns effortlessly without the display of un-comfortability.

Fruit of the Mystery

The final piece of this review is the power of mystery. The lead cast described in association to the supporting cast. Honoka Tomine's (Makiko Watanabe) backstory revealed a great deal about Issei, but it was revealed in subordination to the creation of Issei's persona. Similar to Camille and Alexandre. As revelations about Honoka & Alexandre were grown gradually, fruitions brought apples to the eyes of the viewers about the lead cast. The wait was not placed on the shoulders of Issei & Camille, yet on the parents to unload the weight of barrels of burden to uncap a flavorful conclusion.

Drops of God (Origins)

It should be noted that this review cannot conclude without the mention of the original manga of 'Drops of God' by Ando Yuma and Shu Okimoto. That is all. Since I have not explored this series, I cannot say much more. But what I can say now is that... I am now enticed to do so.

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