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Jester Buskee S1C1: Jester Buskee

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

RANDOM KID: Who the fuck do you think you are, huh? You always think you know everything, Jester. That's why you'll never have any friends!

JESTER: My name is Jester Buskee. These kids at school always try to make a point to embarrass me in front of the other children. But it never works. They always fail. Why? Because I'm "JESTER BUSKEE". And I think of everything. Bet your knockers on that. No one tries to embarrass me and gets away with it!

(Jester filled that kid's locker with seafood medley his family had going bad in the fridge at home. This would be a great way of revenge. He called it, "Seafood the Man Down". He stole the name from a hymn he heard on television.)


JESTER'S FATHER: Yeah, honey?

JESTER'S MOTHER: Thank you for taking care of that seafood that got old in here; I really appreciate it.

(Jester's father befuddled as he slips his nice brown formal shoes on in the bed room upstairs.)

JESTER'S FATHER: ??? It wasn't me honey. Maybe one of the kids tossed it out. We still gotta see about getting that maid.

( Who suspects a 6 year old kid? Health and safety was called to the school as Jester gives us a rundown of his family. Revisiting all the illustrious pranks Jester pulled while growing up...)

JESTER BUSKEE: I grew up the middle child of a family of 9 in 'Ciudad Freśa'. 7 other brothers, and 2 sisters. So I guess there were two middle children. The youngest, my sister Agatha. Spoiled rotten to the core is all you need to know of her right now.

(At the age of 9, Jester and the family took a day in the city shopping and exploring together. They didn't get to do this often with so many children and all the work to be done. Jester wondered off taking a detour into a local bar. The bartender obviously addressed a 9 year old walking into a bar in the middle of rush hour.)

BARTENDER: Hey, nino? Donde estan padres?

(Jester stood there silent for a moment.)

JESTER: Podria tener una bebida?

BARTENDER: Ahahahaha! This kid.

JESTER: Solo quiero jugo de uva. Por favor.

BARTENDER: Nosotros no vendemos jugo de uva. Vete, nino!

(Jester took this to heart. He walked out of the bar and knew there was a grocery store not too far from that bar. His mother would generally shop there and bring him along. Jester used all the money he had in his mini wallet, and bought as many purple grapes as the store had that he could fit in a huge bag on his back. he walked around the blocks a couple of times enticing stray and owned pets with just one grape each. birds, dogs, cats, and some rats. Some of the animals followed him down the block back to the bar. By the time Jester's mother knew he was missing...)

BARTENDER: Porque has vuelto!?

(Jester let loose over 4.6 kilograms of grapes on the bar floor. The place was bombarded with wild animals through the entire bar. He ran off before the police could arrive. He followed his families trail to a shopping mart.)

JESTER'S MOTHER: Jester? Where did you run off to?

JESTER: I went to get some grape juice.

(As the Buskee's were on their way back to their car to go home. They spotted the chaos of a scene at the bar. Animals and animal control flooded the scene as the cops tried to get all the animals rounded up. The bar owner stood outside of the store red and rocky as a seeded grape.)

JESTER'S MOTHER: My oh my... what happened over there?

(As they rode away from the scene...)

Next, Eric, the trouble child. Always getting his nose into trouble. Then there was Andre, the smoothest of our bunch. Next, me, Jester Buskee, but since this story is about me... I'll skip me for now and get back to myself at the end. Terrence, born a schizophrenic. There's Boston, a born energetic leader bound to rule the world. After that, Walter Joseph Jr., a sports lover extraordinaire. And the head of the "boys' bunch," Princeton. He's the eldest boy. And the eldest of us all, Esther. All of us lived together with my mother and father in Ciudad Freśa.

(At the age of 12. Jester took "Seafood the Man Down" to new heights. He stuffed his Junior High School's ventilation system with seafood. He taped the seafood to the walls with duct tape to make it harder to spot when they went in to check out why the school reeked of old fish. That week, Jester and the family took a family vacation to visit his distant relatives in America. So Jester elaborately placed video cameras around the school to record the reactions so he could watch them when he got back home. One relative they visited was his uncle Maurice Buskee who was murdered in cold blood a year later. Shot down by accident in the streets. Miss fire.)

(Sitting at the funeral of his Uncle's death as his father was completely broken...)

JESTER BUSKEE: My father, Walter Joseph Sr., started off his life as a Sergeant for the U.S Military. After 7 years of service, he met our mother, Ariana Smith, in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was then 27 years old, and finished his schooling thereafter in financing. It didn't take long for these two to start popping out children after they married and moved into a small apartment in the city, and they didn't have enough space in the condensed one bedroom apartment. And my father worked retail, because it was relatively difficult for society to see a black man with such an illustrious background like he had. Clean, hard working, and what does he get? Sectional Manager at a local superstore. And his next upgrade, a two bedroom apartment. But with perseverance and dedication, my father never gave up on his dreams. He forced his way into the finance industry and landed himself a job working for the Securities Exchange Commissions. My father was about 32 years old at the time, gained a home mortgage in Bean City in upper Eastern America and began to make a name for himself. The money started to flow in, and my father was even given several awards for his efforts with the SEC. By the age of 37, with now... 5 children after a nearly 4 year layover, yes me, I was born after my father received the biggest promotion of his career, and moved the family from Bean City and from the U.S.A altogether to Ciudad Freśa in Western Europe where he was prompted by the government to work as a Commissions Exchange Converter for the U.S Foreign Exchange Treasury. Pretty much, he made foreign money... American money, and vice versa.

Now my mother, a city girl with spunk. "Too much to pass up on!" My father says she was. Hell, as a mother she's too much to pass up on as far as all the energy you have to have to raise 9 fucking children! But she never folded. God damn I love my mum.

Now as for me, I was gifted with very special abilities. Check this out. There's a reason according to my father as to why I was named "Jester". I never believed him until I turned 14 years old. Then, weird things started to happen. Before that, I was just a really gifted liar. But these lies were out of the ordinary.

The garbage guys that come down your street every day to pick up ya trash out of the canisters on your front lawn; I told the guy, "No crees que ser un basurero es una completa pérdida de tiempo? Quiero decir, me mataría si tuviera que tirar la basura de otras personas para vivir." And he believed me! The next week, I over heard my parents talking.


ARIANA: Yes, dear?

WALTER JOSEPH: You know that garbage man killed himself?


WALTER JOSEPH: He did. They sayin' he shot himself in the dome. I'm a lil' worried cause Jester was out there talkin' to the man.

JESTER: Before my Pa passed away when I was 17 years old of a rare digestive disease, on his death bed, he thrived in pain and sorrow. He asked everyone to leave the room but me. Even my mum. He just started apologizing.

WALTER JOSEPH: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jester Maurice.

JESTER: What's the matter, Poppa? Why you apologizing?

WALTER JOSEPH: I'm sorry, Jester! I love you! I love you, son!

JESTER: Pop...

WALTER JOSEPH: I should have neva done it. I shouldn't have done it!

JESTER: Poppa... what is it? What'd you do?

WALTER JOSEPH: My own son. My own...son. Your soul, Jester. I made a bad deal...

(Walter Joseph was at a bar in Arkansas the night after he found out Ariana was pregnant with Boston. Drinking too much alcohol.)


(He sat at the bar drinking with an African man in his early 50s. Bald, about 198cms and about 9kgs overweight, but a well kept man. His head was well oiled. He had pure white choppers, and wore so much gold in color. And some gold in jewelry. Also some silver. He wore a lot of jewelry. And they had drink after drink. But this man was classy and only drunk whiskey. Walter Joseph drunk until tears started to stream down his face.)

WALTER JOSEPH: Man, what am I gonna do, man. 3 kids. I'm barely making it through with two. These muthafuckas don't even wanna pay me. I can't take care of my family man...I just can't do it!

AFRICAN MAN: Brotha, brotha'. Do you want happiness? Do you want to keep living the life you are enslaved to? Or do you want to be free, brotha? This white man's world... got nothin' to offa' you, brotha. Be free, brotha'!

WALTER JOSEPH: Man what you talkin' 'bout, man?

(The man was a "witch". After that very night, for the next 3 months, Walter met up with Davidson Abdul-ha every night as he filled Walter's thoughts with ideologies of freedom, and overcoming. He told Walter that he'd been praying for him on a daily basis. Praying to the gods. He convinced Walter to be apart of a spiritual ritual at 2:56 am one fall morning. He told Walter he would finally be free and receive the riches he desired.)

DAVIDSON: Now is your time, Walter! The gods will setcha' free, brotha!

WALTER: You sure this gonna save my family?

DAVIDSON: Do you believe, Walta'?

WALTER: So what I gotta do out hea'?

DAVIDSON: Your children, I see you will have many more. The middle child, you must give his soul for your own. This is the only way, brotha'. Believe!


DAVIDSON: You sign this hea'? This is a contract with the gods. They will bless you, brotha'. With riches, dreams,and the life you want beyond this place. Anything you dream of, you will have. But... your middle child, it's blurry what I have heard, but his name, put it here. Put your name here, and sign the name here below. And the child will be for the gods, but... he will have incredible abilities they are sayin' ta me.

(Walter thinks long and hard before finally coming to a conclusion as tears shed down his face. He signs his name, "WALTER JOSEPH BUSKEE". Walter had no clue at the time of what he would name that child. He didn't know what or when the next child would come. In an instant, a name came to mind.)


WALTER: Son... I'm sorry, I love you. But...

(The name signed... "JESTER MAURICE BUSKEE".)


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