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CYRUS S1C3: Elizabeth's Affection

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

(Cyrus looks at the wake of his window as the sky is of grey and blue. One leg crossed under him sitting on the edge of his expensive mattress.)


(His phone rings on the side of him on the mattress. Ring may be an overstatement as no one uses a ringtone. The phone simply vibrates loudly. Cyrus glares over at it and allowing it to vibrate two to three more time before answering it.)

CURTIS: You up?


CURTIS: Okay, well I’m on my way over, by the way.

CYRUS: Yeah, okay. (What the hell happened last night?)

CURTIS: Dude you are wild as fuck.

CYRUS: What? What do you mean -- I didn’t even do anything last night.

CURTIS: You right. But you did too many drugs though.

CYRUS: Like… what kind?

CURTIS: Some cocaine, a hint of weed, and some alcohol. Dude you better slow down if you want to live til’ thirty.

CYRUS: Curtis -- I know, man, I know. And all the women?

CURTIS: Nah, you didn’t do anything with them. You were rejecting them all feverishly.

CYRUS: Yeah okay.

CURTIS: … I think it had something to do with Liz’ --so what’s up toda--

CYRUS: What? Curtis relax. I’m already under enough pressure as is I don’t need that hanging over my head right now. It’s far too early in the morning for that.

CURTIS: Oh yeah, you right. My bad. So what’s the word today? Get your butt out of bed.

CYRUS: Huhhh, I don’t know. I don’t have to be at the office today. You wanna just… come over here and hang around until I sober up, and then we’ll figure things out from there and then?

CURTIS: Yeah I’m already on my way, fool. About two blocks away. I got food of course. Donuts, some coffee--

CYRUS: Come on, you know I don’t do coffee.

CURTIS: You need to start.

CYRUS: … nah not today.

CURTIS: Well…--

CYRUS: Are you driving and on your phone? You know that’s dangerous right?

CURTIS: Oh shut up.

CYRUS: Ahahaha.

CURTIS: Down the street. I shouldn’t have to be buzzed in anymore; it’s kind of pointless at this point. Everybody already knows who I am. Auggie just likes to give me a hard time.

CYRUS: Ahaha, well that is her job, foo’. She just can’t go letting any and everybody in can she?

CURTIS: Any and everybody? Really? I’ve been coming here for three years now. I’m not any and everybody; she should know who I am by now.

Cyrus: Well, ahaha, she's got to do her job,man. She can get fired.

CURTIS: Are you kidding me? You need to save those excuses, bro.

CYRUS: Ahahahaha. Yeah okay, ahaha!

CURTIS: I’m outside. I’m hanging up. Buzz me in.

CYRUS: Alright, hang up.

CURTIS: Hey, Auggie; how’s it going?

AUGGIE: Hey, Curtis, how’s it going?

CURTIS: Fine. But can you just let me in next time so I don't have to call Cyrus to buzz me in?

AUGGIE: Ahahaha.

CURTIS: No -- seriously though. I’m here all the time. You guys know me here.

AUGGIE: We can’t do that, Curtis.

CYRUS: Hm, just asking.

(Curtis heads up the stairway west of the front desk of the vividly light, glass filled condominium lobby. Curtis loved to take the stairs for some strange reason. Maybe because it gave him a sense of adventure. Or maybe just because of the light exercise. Though Cyrus lived on the second floor from the top. He traveled all the way up barring a box and cups. He arrives at Cyrus’ door, and so Cyrus opens up.)

CURTIS: I come bearing gifts.

CYRUS: Did you get my favorite?</p><p class="dialog">CURTIS: Of course I did! Caramel glaze, ‘O’ with sprinkles. Your favorite.

CYRUS: Yes! Thanks, pal. How will I ever thank you enough?

CURTIS: So, what’s on the agenda today?

CYRUS: Well, we all know what is first.

(Curtis and Cyrus engage in video games for about two hours-- four hours in "gaming time". Then a game of "who can chug the most junk food", and a sitting of stand up comedy.)

CURTIS: alright Cy’, time to get out.

CYRUS: What?

CURTIS: I got a date, and you do too. I told Elizabeth I was looking for someone to hang out with, you know, someone to romance, and she got me a date with one of her work friends or something.

CYRUS: So...

CURTIS: Ahm, yeah.

CYRUS: I'm guessing, Elizabeth is my date?

CURTIS: Hm? Yah. She says she wanted to hang out with you soon.--

CYRUS: Well you just lied, because I know she didn't say that.

CURTIS: Yah; well I asked her to go out with you, okay?

(Cyrus stares faintly.)

CURTIS: Come on-- stop it, dude. You know you want to go out with her anyway.

(Cyrus takes a deep breath.)

CYRUS: Whatever. I suppose it can't be helped. Right?

CURTIS: Nope. You gotta be ready by eight o’clock. We gotta be there by nine o’clock.

CYRUS: Yeah, well I’ll be ready by 8:15.

CURTIS: ... You're not doing anything right now though.

(Cyrus and Curtis head out to meet their dates at the fair. They meet up with Elizabeth and her friend at the front gates.)


ELIZABETH: Hey, Cyrus.

(Elizabeth glares a smile at Curtis and introduces him to her friend, Maggie. They all have small talk before deciding to break into couples. Elizabeth and Cyrus carry on walking through the well lit fair.)

ELIZABETH: So, how have you been? Anything new or..?

CYRUS: Uhm, no. Nothing new.

ELIZABETH: Oh. How's work been?

CYRUS: It's been good.

(Awkward silence. The two eventually park their uneven spoken conversation and bodies along the fence outskirts that oversee the entire carnival.)

CYRUS: Elizabeth, I have to tell you something… I… hate to come off this way, because most women are the same, and they may think I'm weird. But, I like the way your nose crinkles and your cheeks turn red when you smile and or laugh. I like your long beautiful brunette hair, and your big green eyes. I just like you. More than average. I feel I've known you for so long, but… I know it's only been a year. I am… I have… fallen in love with you, Elizabeth. Now the question is, "are you the exemption to the norm’? Or are you like all these other girls?"

ELIZABETH: What do you mean?

CYRUS: Well, a lot of women take what men tell them as passion, and use it against them. Dragging the guy's emotions through the mud. I just hope you're different, because I really feel you are.

CURTIS: Wow Cyrus. I… don't know what to say. You're so sweet.

CYRUS: ...Yeah.

ELIZABETH: I'm… speechless, honestly.

CYRUS: I want to show you something. Something that proves this is not an illusion. Something that shows you how much I care. PAUSE!


(Cyrus waves his hand over the entire park after closing his eyes to focus on what he cares for most. Elizabeth’s affection.)


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