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CYRUS S1C8: Imprisoned Pain

NEWS REPORTER: It has been reported that a young man was arrested today for breaking and entering, and murdering a woman in her sleep. Reports say that the man may have climbed through the window of this suburban home with intentions unknown. The suspect has not been identified and is reportedly not cooperating with law officials.

(Cyrus is walked down the corridor of the police station handcuffed with 4 officers trailing him. An officer to the left of him gripping his right elbow from behind. This officer was at least 6'4", 300lbs with a huge mustache, a bald fade haircut with spikes up top made with hair gel. He was well groomed. Cyrus is walked down to the interrogation room and sat down at the silver table. The table gave a strong metal aroma that was bothersome, but Cyrus had much larger concerns at hand. The officer began asking Cyrus questions before the interrogation phase starts.)

POLICE OFFICER: Want a drink while you wait?

CYRUS: No, thank you.

POLICE OFFICER: Anything I can get you?.. Wanna make a phone call?

CYRUS: ... Sure.

(Cyrus makes his phone call to the only people he could call. The Loans.)

MR. LOANS: Hello?

CYRUS: Hey! It's... it's me, "Cyrus" -- "Cy'". Look, there's been some misunderstanding. I got arrested, but it's not what you think. I didn't do anything. You've seen the news?

MR LOANS: Yeah this morning. Cyrus what the hell's going on?

CYRUS: That woman that got killed? Yeah, they think it's me. They think I did it.

MR. LOANS: Don't worry, Cyrus! We're gonna get you out of this! I'll call my lawyer right now and tell her to get down there ASAP. You just sit tight; we're gonna get this cleared up. Don't worry!

CYRUS: Thanks.

MR. LOANS: Now you know not to answer any questions, right? Wait on the lawyer.

(Those words brought back another quick flashback of the lawful interrogation when he was a 16 year old teenager. But he quickly snaps back to give an answer to Mr. Loans.)

CYRUS: Yeah. Yeah I know. I won't. Thanks.

MR. LOANS: No problem, Cyrus! You just sit tight, okay?

CYRUS: Yes. Alright... bye.

(Cyrus neglected to inform Mr. Loans of the painkillers they found on him. He is sat back down in the interrogation room. The lawyer arrives and sits down with Cyrus and the interrogator. The interrogator appeared to be younger. Only about 32 years old and clean shaved with a nice brown suit and black hair up top. A casual comb-over hairdo. A bit tacky for Cyrus's taste, but understandable fashion choices.)

INTERROGATOR: Hello, my name is Detective Shones, and I'll be handling this case.

(All of the officers there were so polite. Almost like they were simply taking care of their civil duties and neglecting anything in-between.)

DETECTIVE SHONES: So let me see...

(Shones whispers to himself as he looks through what the officers had provided him on the case in the files he had in front of him. Peeling back the manilla folder uncovering a short stack of printed and inked white pages.)

DETECTIVE SHONES: So, why did you refuse to comply with the officers and reveal your identity?

CYRUS: I... --

CYRUS'S LAWYER: Ahmm. Hello, My name is Theresa Jackson. I'll be representing...

(Theresa was in her 40s and wore a vivid purple suit. Flashy. She had golden hair of the red and orange spectrum. When she came into the room, her words to Cyrus were...)

THERESA JACKSON: Hey how are you doin', "Cyrus" is it?

(Cyrus had forgotten to mention to Mr. Loans to not give his name away. But it could not be helped. Mr. Loans had to give all the information he could to the lawyer in order for her to help him get out of this.)

CYRUS: Yes, but don't tell them that.

THERESA JACKSON: Oh don't worry, dear. They have nothing on you so they have no right to know your name.

(This is 2008, so "Stop-and-Identify" wasn't a lawful tactic. This is also Double City. "Stop-and-Identity" still isn't a valid form of law enforcement.)

THERESA JACKSON: ... "My Client".

DETECTIVE SHONES: Is there any reason your Client won't comply and reveal his identity?

THERESA JACKSON: Well because you all had no reason to assume him the murderer of this woman.

DETECTIVE SHONES: Yeah but what about...

(Detective Shones look back down at his notes to comfort of Theresa even though he knew the precision of his next exclamation...)

DETECTIVE SHONES: "Drug Possession" and "Breaking and Entering"?

THERESA JACKSON: Aside from the fact that you found prescribed drugs on my Client with an invalid search reasoning, nor have you identified a proper timeline for the murder of this woman and my Clients appearance on the scene, you have no conclusive evidence that he was not simply in the home trying to save this woman. Do you?

(Shones takes a deep breathe before answering.)

SHONES: Well, if your "Client" doesn't fess up now, it's going to be pretty hard to take back and back track the fact that he refuses to identify himself with officers of the law and broke into someone's home regardless of the reasoning. If everything goes well for him, the "Drug Possession" gets tossed out and he still sees some time behind bars.

(That's relative to how this concludes. A week later after Cyrus was held without bail, he was sentenced to 3 months behind bars with a $25,000 bail. The Judge could not find reason to not give Cyrus time, but he also had no reason to convict Cyrus of more time at this time. The problem was Cyrus had no fingerprints at scene of the death, and no motive to kill this woman. When they ran Cyrus's fingerprints, they matched those of a 12 year old boy. Obviously there was a "Wtf?" response from the officers, but what more could they have done? Leak the story? Leak the story. The story spread like a game of telephone with well attentive students who all got straight As by a drunk on the force by the name of Sebastian Terry. A lowdown dirty skeeze who got his kicks from lowly drug dealers providing him with all kinds of narcotics. How Sebastian functioned, no one knew with all the shit he had in his system. Journalism stations paid him $6,000 each on the side for the story.)

SEBASTIAN TERRY: You know that guy that killed that woman in the Double City suburb for no reason at all? Broke into her home? Yeah, that guy like... must've-- like... time traveled or somethin'. He looks just like, and has the same fingerprints as some kid up in Base Park.

(Sebastian was arrested on bribery, blackmail, and illegal substance possession charges.

Theresa could not get Cyrus off on the drug possession charge. The doctor that prescribed the drugs... had not prescribed them yet. She was also not able to neglect the fact that Cyrus broke into the home. Though with reason or without, it was still "Breaking-and-Entering". In a month's time, this had become the biggest case in America. Also in Japan and China and parts of Europe."IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE?"

As Cyrus sat in prison for that month in his orange jumpsuit in his cell, the investigation continued on the outside by Elizabeth's family to convict Cyrus of the heinous crime. A couple of days later into April...)

GUARDING OFFICER: Hey, O'Brian, you got a visitor.

(Cyrus was walked down to the visitors room where he was expecting the Loans Family to come through the outside doors from the hall. Cyrus sat at the dirty silver table where that aroma began to smell again from the metal. Cyrus sat in a jail cell alone in his thoughts for an entire month. Distraught from what had occurred. Now sitting at that table waiting for the Loans Family. Having those same negative thoughts.)

CYRUS: Fuck!

(Cyrus mumbles to himself with snarling aggression.)

CYRUS: (What will happen to the future? Why won't my powers work? Curtis, Elizabeth... everyone. Will they disappear into nothing? I... fucking failed. Everyone.)

(As Cyrus sat in his own regrets, tears began to slowly trickle down his face as he tries to hide his tears from all the other cellmates and visitors in the room. Some of them seemed to be having a decent time even though their loved ones were imprisoned. Some to never see the light of day or storm of night; to jump through the rain puddles together. Have another drink with. Dine in a nice restaurant. But Cyrus's thoughts just kept going back to her. How he failed her. Will he ever see her again. Even worse, if he goes back to his time, does this mean he would never meet Elizabeth and fall in love with her? This time, Cyrus had no painkillers to help pass the time.

As he sat there looking into the metal surface of the appalling table observing the tears as they landed, he hears the door above open so loudly, it could wake God himself from a slumber. Cyrus looks up. And there he was. The man that murdered Elizabeth's mother.)


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