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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

(The inside of this tent was like a vast dimensional mansion. Completely golden. The alter was circular and had 2 leveled steps where there were large chairs for each of the 7 Elders. Each having their own distinctive features, but all wearing over-sized pale black robes as though they'd been washed too many times.

The first Elder wore a goatee that needed a slight trim with a cul-de-sac up top. His hair a light grey; almost white.)

JESTER: My name's "Jester"!

(Jester retorted after being called 'The Demon of Prophecy'.)

JESTER: So, all of you are the guys pulling the strings around here?

(The Elderly men looked on in conviction. The next Elder to speak wore long wavy hair and was at least 200lbs heavier than the 1st Elder.)

ELDER #2: You have come before us. You must seek knowledge and guidance. But what must 'The Demon of Prophecy' seek from us?

JESTER: Hey man, I told you my name is "Jester".

ELDER #2: We all have names. Yet we are only called, "The Elders" by our people. It is our contributions to this world that gives us name. Not what we are birthed with. I am, "Ezekiel".

(Ezekiel goes down the line naming each Elder. Starting with the 1st Elder to speak, "Elijah".)

EZEKIEL: That, is Elijah.

(The next Elder wore a long black chin strap.)

EZEKIEL: That, is Salmon.

(The 4th Elder wore a great beard and long wavy hair.)

EZEKIEL: That, is DraGor. He may be the bravest of us.

(The 5th Elder also had a cul-de-sac, but the hair round the back was as long as those who wore the long and wavy style. He also had a very distinctive wort on the left side of his face.)

EZEKIEL: That, is Rabi. He is the Eldest of us all.

(The 6th Elder wore glasses. He had no distinctive hair. He was bald.)

EZEKIEL: This, is Ta'Gi.

(The 7th and final Elder wore dark wavy hair with a part down the center.)

EZEKIEL: And this... is Gof. The wisest of us all. But to our people, we are just "The Elders".

[Back at the Temple.]

THE MOI: HURRY! Go to The Elders!

(The Moi rushed from atop of his throne out of the temple accompanied by his trusted Nightmarchers. He stops at the entrance to give a demand to the guarding Nightmarcher.)

THE MOI: Keep them here! Do not let them leave!

(Then he stormed out flailing the cloth of the entrance high into the air.

Tako begins to shake his head.)

TAKO: ... what the--... Jester...

[Back at The Elders' Tent]

RABI: You don't know who you are. That is why you have come here. You do seek knowledge. You also seek guidance. Correct?

JESTER: ... You obviously know more about me than me. What do you know?

GOF: We know of the damnation you are to bring to us. We recognize the power you hold. We do not know... you. How can we give you guidance?

JESTER: You've all been around long enough. I'm sure you could figure it out. Help me. Help us. You just said it yourself. My Poppa-- my father taught me on his death bed, It's not... "Never let this world decide who you are or who you want to be! You decide that, and you alone!" I've been here all this time. No one has been killed. I don't mean you people harm.

(The Elders look to each other quietly. Jester knew they were out of wise words so soon by the silence and deferment of thought in their expressions.)

JESTER: What-- What's with those faces?

DRAGOR: Your father is The Devil! Is it not?

(Jester takes these words as a direct attack on his character.)

JESTER: ... No, My Father's name is-- was "Walter Joseph". He was American and raised us in Orange City.

DRAGOR: And The Devil wants you dead?

JESTER: Well that was never spoken. There was simply a bounty The Devil put out for me.

ELIJAH: This does not make sense.

(Elijah whispered to himself with his chin lowered. The silence stirred more confusion as The Elders continued to think things through. As they continued to think, The Moi comes rushing through the surface of the entrance of the Tent followed by numerous Nightmarchers.)


(He shouted as he came to a halt. Before he could continue on in apology, he was dismissed by DraGor.)


(The Moi did not give another word before leaving as he was called by his birth name which meant The Elders were not in the mind for excuses and explanations.)

DRAGOR: You are the son of The Devil!

JESTER: I'm not! My father's name is Walter Joseph!

GOF: You are The Devil's son. Yes you are birthed by human? Yet your Essence is of a Demon's. And a Human's.

ELIJAH: Unbelievable!

EZEKIEL: A hybrid!

TA'GI: How is that possible.

SALMON: Tell us how this is possible. What have you done?

JESTER: I don't know-- if I knew anything I wouldn't be here asking you! I'm human, but that would explain a lot. All the--... power and the moments in my life, right?

SALMON: You've grown with extraordinary abilities. How would you not know?


(Just then, Jester remembered Davidson. Which lead him to remember his father. Which lead him to remember the death of his father. Which lead to what Jester remembered more of from the death bed of his father.)

JESTER: My soul... It's my soul.

GOF: What of your soul?

JESTER: It was sold to The Devil.

GOF: The Devil collects many souls. Why is yours special? Only because of your name? "Demon of Prophecy"?

JESTER: My soul was sold before I was even born... I've personally done nothing for him to come after me.

(Then, The Elders started to piece the words and theories into a reality.)

GOF: Your soul was sold before you were even born. You are the son of man, and yet also the son of The Devil. He's been searching for his rightful heir for centuries. The Devil wants to reclaim what is rightfully his own. He wants you to come home.

JESTER: Why me though? Have there not been other negligent parents who sold their seeds for success?

RABI: Does not mean they were successful seeds. The average man is filled with good and evil. The decisions made by those that come before have impact on what the inheritor faces throughout their lifetime.

JESTER: So you're saying, all us humans are just "failed experiments"?

RABI: ... Humans will put their own personal needs and wants before another's without hesitation. Greed, hate, envy, lust, and the rest of the sins. All apart of humanity. No matter which direction a human chooses to go, they always find themselves back in the center of good and evil. It is how much "good", or how much "evil" you do that determines your final destination of heaven or hell. Then your essence is replaced by either a holy essence, or a demon's essence.

EZEKIEL: But there is a balance. For every good deed done in your world, there is an equal evil deed. A selfless action, balanced by a selfish act.

(Jester continues to absorb all of the words being spoken to him. As he listens, a visual light brightens inside his face as he begins to come to a new understanding of the world he has lived in and thought he's understood for so long-- for all of his existence.)

SALMON: But why would he not simply reach out to him? The Devil is more than capable of reaching him through his soul tie. They share a connection if his soul belongs to him. Even stronger than any soul tie with The Devil. Why send a bounty?

ELIJAH: No bounty hunter seeks his prey without expecting confliction. He wanted Jester back, just not in one piece.

(Suddenly, Rabi, came to a realization that caused him to frizz up as though he had just stuck his finger in an electrical socket. Jester had never seen someone so terrified in his life.)

RABI: Brothers, we must help Jester! The Prophecy, this is it! It is not what we thought it was!

GOF: What do you mean, Rabi? What are you saying?

RABI: The Devil, he wishes to walk this Earth. The Devil... he wants to cross the line!

TA'GI: That's impossible. Demons of such rank are not allowed to cross over into the Human's world.

RABI: No, no, no... he wishes to... no!

(Jester is now terrified seeing the Eldest of The Elders crumble with fear. Becoming completely disoriented. Then, Ta'Gi catches on to what Rabi was unable to speak. He then becomes shifted by fear as adrenaline finished Rabi's sentence.)

TA'GI: But, he can if he is a hybrid!

(Now, all of The Elders have pieced the story together.)

SALMON: He wishes to obtain his Essence!

GOF: Then he would have the Essence of a Demon, and a Human!


(DraGor shouted above all fear with a rage so fearful, it could kill any human.)

DRAGOR: There's more... The Devil... his Essence was manipulated. Creating a new Essence. He is already a Hybrid. Just a caged one.

ELIJAH: He is still a Fallen Angel.

EZEKIEL: He is still an Angel.

DRAGOR: Yes. He wishes to become a trybrid.

RABI: The Holy Trinity. He wants to become God himself. He wishes to become the Holy Trinity! The Anti-Christ!


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