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(Tako, Jester and Davidson go into the inner city where they located a witch shop. The afternoon has arrived, yet the sun begins to hide as the skies go cloudy. Humidity has also risen as there seems to be high chance of precipitation soon. The three stand outside of the shop gathering the details before entering.)

TAKO: And what are we going to do with witches? You're gonna try to get them to help us somehow? Convince them to help us fight The Devil himself?

DAVIDSON: No. We won't tell 'em that. We just need their tools.

(Davidson leads the way as the three push open inward the front door as the bell chimes above the entrance.

The shop was completely crowded. A hoarding of witch material.)

TAKO: What exactly are we looking for?

DAVIDSON: We need anchors. Tools to help Jester's abilities until he gets better with 'em. And I'm gonna grab a couple tings for myself too.

TAKO: What kinds of things will help him?

DAVIDSON: ... Since he can manifest energy from all da elements, we need tings like... witch matches. Witch liquids. Aura stones. They'll pull on his energy to create a reaction. The only problem is... how hard it is to control the power you don't own.

(As they shopped around, a dark haired islander girl with eye glasses that had red frames leans from behind the sales counter at the back of the shop to her left to be seen amongst all of the witch items in the store.)

SALES CLERK: Is there anything I can help you gentlemen with?

(The three catch sight of the woman who appeared to be in her early 30s, and definitely dressed for the job.)

JESTER: I think we're just looking right now. Right, guys?

(Jester looks over to Davidson who seemed to be solely focused on shopping the store. He simply nods. Jester looks back to the clerk and gives her a nod to confirm, "they were just looking...")


(The Sales Clerk had her suspicions about the three, but none of significant concern. Plenty of tourists just "look around". But she insisted her suspicions were out of the ordinary. She takes her cellphone from under the counter, and starts to send a text message that read, "come 2 the front now".)

JESTER: So how do I use these things-- this stuff? Do I just... hum, or say the magic words? Am I allowed to rap? You know, witches do the rhyming thing. Think it would be cool if I ... rapped.

(From behind a beaded curtain doorway to the right of the sales counter at the back of the store, an elderly woman, in her early 50s, jingled through. She did not make eye contact with the Sales Clerk. Instead, she walks straight over to Tako, Davidson, and Jester.)

ELDERLY WOMAN: May I help you?

(She announced to the three sternly.)

JESTER: She already asked us if we needed help. I think we've got it.

ELDERLY WOMAN: Well I'm asking you now.

(The three stop what they were doing to observe the woman. She too had black hair. An Islander. Neck to toe in "witch clothing". Long polished finger nails; acrylic.)

ELDERLY WOMAN: I don't know who you three are, or why you're here, but I felt your energy as soon as you walked through the door. And it ain't good.

(She looks directly at Jester as she quotes her lines. Tako starts to walk towards her.)

TAKO: Look they're just gonna grab some of their "witchy" stuff, and we'll be on our way. That alright with you?

ELDERLY WOMAN: Actually I think it would be best if you leave now.

(The Sales Clerk peaking heavily from behind the counter.

Jester licks his chops. Uncomfortable of the Elderly Woman's demands.)

DAVIDSON: I'm sorry we just need some tools. That's all. Please.

TAKO: Look Iady--...

(Before Tako could finish his seemingly demanding statement, he found himself choking heavily on his own words and tongue. His eyes wide, his hands to his throat trying to gather what was happening. Almost as if he was going to die. Right there on the spot.)



(Tako continues to suffer.)


(Jester's throat also seems to be closing as the three are subsequently still magically linked.)



(The Elderly Woman relinquishes her magical choke hold on Tako. As a reaction, Jester also feels the relief.)


DAVIDSON: It's The Devil! He want us dead!

ELDERLY WOMAN: All three of you?

(She asked with a convicting tone. Looking again to Jester as she asked.)

DAVIDSON: Yes. We got 24 hours to get Jester to him, or he gonna kill us all!

(The woman goes silent with her convicting eyes still concentrated on getting more answers. She then responds.)

ELDERLY WOMAN: And you decided to come to my shop? Looking for what? Magical objects to help you fight him off? I don't think that's gonna work too well for you.

JESTER: We have to try!

(Jester exclaimed to the woman while still hunched over trying to recover from the life threatening choking.

The woman looks again to Jester. This time, she's fed up with her suspicions, and comes out with her next question which seemed to demand a blunt answer.)


(Davidson looks to the suffering Jester, then back to her to fulfill her needs.)

DAVIDSON: His name is Jester. He's from Orange City... in Europe. I'm Davidson; from America. Tako here is a Islandah... like you.

(The Elderly Woman seemed empathetic now. As she felt Davidson was being honest with her.)

ELDERLY WOMAN: ... Come on to the back with me.

(The three gathered their barrings, and followed the woman to the back of the shop past the beaded curtain where there was a huge sitting area with all kinds of designs and inventory surrounding a sitting round table used for contacting spirits.)

JESTER: I'm not sitting at that table.

(Davidson gave Jester a stern look. Somehow cluing Jester. He then whispers to Jester.)

DAVIDSON: While we in hu' shop, we play by hu' rules!

ELDERLY WOMAN: Have a seat.

JESTER: ... Fuck me.

(Davidson has a seat at the table first in the center across from the woman's seat on the opposite side of the orange table. There were only three chairs available.)

JESTER: I'll just stand right here.

(Tako takes the seat next to Davidson. The woman sits embracing the situation.)

ELDERLY WOMAN: My name is Cara Mohit. I've been on this island all my life. Years. And so have my ancestors. But I never before felt such... energy from anyone like him.

(She looks over at Jester.)

CARA MOHIT: By the way I was able to handle you out there, you don't know much, do you? That why you here?

DAVIDSON: The boy know nothin'. That's why we hea.

CARA MOHIT: That's why The Devil want 'em. I don't know too much, I'm just going by what I feel. That power got somethin' to do with it.

(The three go silent.)

CARA MOHIT: That magic he got... it's got me all mixed up. When I saw him, I didn't feel so bad. He seemed peaceful. But before I saw him, that magic I felt was the darkest thing I had ever felt from a man.

Who raised you, boy?

JESTER: My father and Mum. Not like it's any your business.

(Cara was slightly drawn back by Jester's rude demeanor. Clutching her chin into her neck and rolling her eyes. She turns to Davidson again.)

CARA MOHIT: What you know about this boy?

DAVIDSON: I knew his fatha'. So I'm doin' what I can for the boy.

CARA MOHIT: I see. And who was his father?

TAKO: Hey I don't think this is all necessarily important-- right now. We just need the tools we need, and we'll get out of your hair. That okay with you?

CARA MOHIT: It's not up to me. This kind of boy... I don't want any part of the bad juju that can come back to me if I help you without consulting first.

TAKO: Who do you need to consult?

(Cara takes a moment before hollering into the next room to the Sales Clerk.)





MADAM CARA: You all call me "Madam Cara". Let's go.

(Madam Cara gets up with her elderly grimace to walk back towards the front of the shop. The three follow her. She goes behind the sales counter where a huge book the size of 4 yellow pages sat on the counter awaiting her. Closing in, you could see the dark grey ancient designs around the book with buckles and straps as though this novel had been written for the sole eyes of its destined audience. The three go to the customer's side of the counter, and waited for what Madam Cara would say next as she began to fold open the heavy pages of the old magic book.)

MADAM CARA: I don't believe in judging books by the cover page. As we've all learned from history, nothing good ever comes of it. So I'm gonna give you a chance.

JESTER: But you don't know me.

(Davidson and Tako both give another grimacing look at Jester as though to say, "don't excite this woman anymore.")

MADAM CARA: I know all I need to know when I see a person. I'm a bit different.

(Madam Cara gives a self loathing smile as she flips through the old book.)

MADAM CARA: People can't judge or understand one another until they get to speaking, and knowing them. Madam Cara works a bit quicker. Your first coffee with someone, is my catching sight of you for the first time. My "judging a book by its cover," is me feeling your energy before you walked through that front door. I knew you were coming. That's why I had Maddie here call me when you arrived.

JESTER: So, you're psychic?

MADAM CARA: No, dear.

(The three slightly confused.)

MADAM CARA: But now I feel... there's more to you than meets the eye.

(She finds the page she wants in the old textile book, and slaps the pages to confirm.)

MADAM CARA: So I am going to give you a chance. I won't be making the decision on helping you.

(Madam Cara looks down at her book with her loathing smile still hanging. She seemed to be admiring the page she landed on.)

TAKO: Who will?

(Tako takes steps closer to take a look at the pages Madam Cara was smiling at. As he caught visual of the images on the pages, a terror grew across his face as he started to go pale.)

MADAM CARA: If they agree, you can have whatever magic you want from my store. But if they don't, you may not make it back to tell the story.

TAKO: Na... Na...

(Madam Cara keeps that smile as she looks up at Tako to confirm what Tako knew. Confirming Tako's fear.)

MADAM CARA: Night Marchers.


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