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(Tako looks at Jester with high eyebrows in anticipation of an exaggerated reaction based on the answer he'd given him. Instead.)

JESTER: I didn't know the Devil paid good money.

TAKO: Well...

JESTER: Yeah you've got yourself in a tight spot, mate. So what ya' gonna do? I figure we can both help ya' out.

(Jester looks over to Davidson with a rhetoric that signified his participation. Davidson glares and snickers shaking his head.)

DAVIDSON: "5 Euro ass"? We say somethin' very similar in America.

JESTER: That's where I got it from. Would you be willing...

DAVIDSON: Depends. I've done a bounty or two with em'. The only way out is to complete the deal. Or be dead.

JESTER: Wait a minute... "depends"? You sold my father's soul to The Devil, didn't you?

DAVIDSON: ... Sorry Jester, but it was a crossroads demon. One of his minions.

JESTER: So my father wasn't the only one?

DAVIDSON: He was! I never done any other soul contracts.

JESTER: Oh what's the difference!?

DAVIDSON: If ya' help this kid, you're gonna find out. The Devil is a whole 'nother level.

JESTER: Well what choices do we have?

TAKO: He's right. If I don't bring Jester to him within the next 24 hours, we're all dead!

JESTER: Well no... that's not politically correct, because if he wanted me dead, I'd be dead already. So that means I have somethin' of value to em'.

TAKO: If you don't come with us, he's just going to send someone bigger and badder than us two after you. I'm willing to cooperate so we both make it out of this. You need me, I need you.

(There's a slight silence before everyone outside of Tako in the room is in complete vocal agreement.)

JESTER: Damn this guy is right.

JEICE: He's right--

DAVIDSON: He's right.

JESTER: Alright, we'll have to come up with a plan then, eh?

DAVIDSON: It ain't that simple. You can't just trick The Devil out of somethin' like you did with these two.

(Tako begins pacing out of fear for his life, and bites his right index finger knuckle.)

DAVIDSON: You're goin' to need those 24 hours. This is my chance to teach you some tricks.

(Jester seemed arrogant, but even he knew Davidson was right about him needing a complete 24 hours to come up with a plan.)

TAKO: I got something! I have a list. Check it out. Jeice! Get the list.

(Jeice snaps his left fingers, and a magical list pops up afloat in front of him before Tako grabs a hold of it.)

JESTER: ... Is that all he's good for?

TAKO: Uhm, pretty much. He's a Bookkeeper Of Worlds. He keeps track of my bounties. He's like a contracted worker so he's not morally obligated to The Devil. No worries, he's too afraid to cross me. He's seen what I'm capable of. Besides, Jeice and I have had about -- what... 5 or 6 deals together? Best Bookkeeper I've worked with.

JEICE: Yeah. I did go to college as well. I have a degree in --

(Tako's left palm turns upward and his face squints in Jeice's direction.)

TAKO: Who asked you that?

(Tako refocuses and takes moment, licks his chops and reads from his list which is just an old textile sheet of paper.)

TAKO: Hm. Looks like my next deal is close to home. Pinaii Island. I will try to buy us some time. I'm a trusted Bounty Hunter with The Devil, so I should be able to bluff him out on why I haven't picked your bounty yet. I'm going to go and grab this next bounty. This guy doesn't seem like much from what I read, so let's meet up in... 18 hours or so? Can you meet me in Pinaii Capital? It's the only way we can make this work in the short amount of time we have.

JESTER: We'll be there. Give us about 20 hours or so. I could use a little trip to paradise.

TAKO: Works for me. That leaves us about 3 hours to actually agree on a sufficient plan.

JESTER: Did you bring attire n'tings?

DAVIDSON: Yeah. Back at my hotel. But I don't have vacation mone--

(Jester cuts back to Tako to ignore the rest of Davidson's concern.)

JESTER: We'll see you there.

(The two gentlemen shake hands.)

JESTER: Give me a call; you have my digits, of course. So how do you do the whole red eye ting? You know everything about me, and since we're goin' to be working together, I think it's best I know all you can do. If ya' want us to help you stay alive.

TAKO: It's sort of a long story. I'll tell you all about it in Pinaii when we get there. Right now, I better get going on this bounty. Catch ya' later.

(Tako and Jeice head out of Jester's condo, and go their separate ways outside of the lobby's front door. Back up at the condo, Jester and Davidson discuss their next steps in an furthering eventful night.)

JESTER: You've brought a couple tings you need to get from your hotel, right?

DAVIDSON: Yes I'd have to get a few things.

JESTER: We better get movin' then. I can book our flight on the way over. We're taking my car; put your wagon in my garage spot.

(Jester and Davidson head over to Davidson's hotel residence in a silence. At this point of night, it's best to only discuss necessities as both seem exhausted by all of the calamity. They head into the 'Golden Hotel' and down the corridor where the floors were of a maroon color. Davidson breaks the silence breathing his words.)

DAVIDSON: I think... I betta' start teachin' you some things while we're walkin' n'stuff if you want to learn somethin' ta' take on The Devil.

(Jester seemed tired of the notion presented by Davidson, but he knew it was an inevitable topic.)

JESTER: ... What's first?

DAVIDSON: Well, the simplest spells are... creating a... a combustion with elements: creating fire from simple everyday things like a light bulb, expanding water molecules, creating heat.

JESTER: You mean like... snappin' my fingers and BOOM! Fire?

DAVIDSON: Yes somethin' like that. But that's an elite technique. Every man has a natural... a natural drawin' to certain elements. To create a reaction without anything to chain that effect, is very difficult.

JESTER: Person.

DAVIDSON: ... Huh?

JESTER: It's "person." "Every person," this isn't 1975 that could be considered offensive to some people.

DAVIDSON: Okay, "person." My natural element, I actually neva' really learned to master one. I can dabble around the elements. I didn't learn of it until later. I wish my mutha could've taught me all that early. But she didn't know nothin' bout the elements. I tried to learn it, but it was too late fa' me. Magic and the craft was much different when I was young. It was all about -- here is my room here.

(Davidson stops mid story to fidget his room key out of his pocket to open the hotel door. They head in, and Davidson flicks the light switch to the right of him. The room is small and smelled of old coffee. The floor was also maroon colored, and there were coffee stains that would be slightly more difficult for the normal eye to catch, on the carpeted floor. Jester picked up on the stains and the smell as he looked around the room with judgement on his face. Davidson finished his last statement.)

DAVIDSON: It was all about tricks, and voodoo was the thing back then. Give me 10 minutes; I'm gonna shower.

JESTER: Yeah. You need me to do anything?

DAVIDSON: No, no, you just have a seat. I'll be right out in about 10 minutes.


(Jester takes a quick look around at seating options, and decides on the maroon chair which was also stained by coffee next to the coffee maker. Davidson turns on the shower in the restroom to the right of the front door. Jester takes the opportunity to catch any updates on life on his cell phone before dozing off slightly. It was almost an instant after his eyes shut in Jester's mind that he heard Davidson walk out of the restroom with just a towel around his private area. Still wet and his gold necklace hung just below his collar bones; centered. Jester turned away in disgust.)

DAVIDSON: First, what we need to do is --

JESTER: Oh fucking shit. Jesus Christ-- would you put some clothes on!?

DAVIDSON: ... let's talk about finding what your natural element is. Your natural energy. We'll have to run a few tests. What time is the flight?

JESTER: It's at 12:45 AM. We've only got a couple of hours. So this may have to wait. It's a 15 hour and 30 minute flight.

(Davidson seemingly growing more concerned with the timing.)

DAVIDSON: You will need every minute Jester. I can't teach you much of nothin' in this little time we got.

JESTER: How long will this take?

DAVIDSON: I don't really know. Guess that depends on you.

JESTER: We've got an hour if we can make it through customs in an hour's time to not miss our flight.

DAVIDSON: Alright.

(Davidson scours the room, and the first thing he spots is a glass cup seated next to the coffee maker in front of Jester. Davidson rushes over to the cup, takes a quick look inside of it. There were coffee stains in it. He grabs it and heads to the restroom. Jester hears the water running for a short period of time, and Davidson comes out of the restroom with the glass full of water about 75% of the way. Davidson takes a quick look to his right and spots the bedside lamp on the night stand. He rushes over to it, looks around the bedside dresser for where it may be plugged in, and detaches it from the wall. Grabs a hold of the body of the lamp and takes it over to the table in front of Jester and places it on the table. Jester is silently dumbfounded about what is occurring.)

JESTER: ... What the fuck is this?

DAVIDSON: Just close your eyes.

JESTER: Don't try anything weird... You still aren't wearing trousers.

(Jester closes his eyes.)

DAVIDSON: Alright, just place your hands over the top of the glass, and the top of the bulb on the lamp.

(Davidson helps guide Jester's hands over the light bulb and the cup of water.)

DAVIDSON: Alright, just try ta' --

(In second's time, the cup of water starts to boil before Davidson could finish his sentence, and the light bulb starts to flicker. Davidson's jaw drops as he witnesses the miracle occurring before his eyes.)

DAVIDSON: You gotta be kidding me...

(Davidson mutters, and then the light bulb gives a violent flash! The cup of water starts to boil hotter, and then the cup busts! The light bulb pops! The light in the room and restroom flicker ferociously, and the lights in the room completely go out in a power outage! There's a blackness in the room before Davidson could gather his words.)

DAVIDSON: ... What'd you do!?

(Davidson had to spend the next 30 minutes preparing for the trip with just the flashlight from his phone. Davidson and Jester head out of the room, as hotel guests stand outside of their rooms with cellphone lights and pajamas trying to figure out why all the lights went out. Davidson whispers to Jester.)

DAVIDSON: You knocked the whole buildin' out!

JESTER: Let's just make our flight.

(Jester and Davidson rush out of the hotel weaving past all the complaining and non-complaining guests in the hallways and into the parking lot while the fire department and hotel management discuss the power outage.)



RANDOM HUSBAND: Woman, I've asked you to watch your mouth in front of my DAUGHTER!

(The blonde woman in pink pj's pulls up two fists, knuckles to the sky. First the right middle finger, and then the left middle finger.)

RANDOM WIFE: FUCK... YOU! If you weren't so damn broke, and maybe if you weren't such a mamma's boy, we wouldn't be standin' out here!




(Davidson and Jester load up the vehicle and head to the airport to board their flight. 15 hours from Pinaii Capital.)


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