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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

(Witches in Arkansas? That's like finding fruit in a candy store. Churches are planted throughout the state. Very old time-y.)

JESTER: What are you talking about, Pop-- you telling me you sold my soul to some witch-man?

WALTER JOSEPH: No son, I'm telling you, I sold your soul so much worse. He told me they were ancient African gods. I should have known from the go. Your Big Momma warned me about that shit as much as she could growin' up. But I saw the life that man had, Jester. The rings, the necklaces, nice clothes. I wanted it, and I wanted more for my children. I saw the things he could do with that witch stuff and I wanted prosperity, son. I'm sorry.

JESTER: So who has my soul, Poppa!?

WALTER JOSEPH: Who else, son!? The Devil, boy! The Devil.

(Jester begins to drain tears slowly as he awaits the rest of what his father had to explain silently.)

WALTER JOSEPH: That's why I was always so overprotective over you, son. More so than your brothers and sisters. You're special, son.

JESTER: You mean I'm a "Demon's Seed"?

WALTER JOSEPH: No, no, no, no! Now you listen to me, boy...

(Walter grabs a hold of Jester's hands and pulls him in closer.)

WALTER JOSEPH: You promise me, and you promise me now, boy! You are special! And not because of what I did, but because I know you are made to do special things in this world. I just know it, deep down in my heart. Never let this world decide who you are or who you want to be! You decide that, and you alone! Not even God alone gave himself that ability. Free will. You take the gifts you have, and you make the most of it. You hear me, son?

JESTER: Yes'sir.

WALTER JOSEPH: Now you promise me. I wanna hear you say it!

JESTER: I... I promise, Pop.

WALTER JOSEPH: And remember, son, no matter what happens, those folks standing outside that door? Will always be your family.

JESTER: Yes'sir.

WALTER JOSEPH: Now tell everyone they can come back in now.

JESTER: My Poppa passed away a couple nights later.

(Now in current times...)

JESTER: I'm 22 years old now. I moved more East away from Ciudad Freśa to Orange City on my own to escape the family for a while. My family's net worth continued to grow even after the death of my father. He developed new systematic security for foreign currency. He coined it "Buskee Securities". Now his security system is used by banks and other financial entities across the continent. After Pop died, there was no turmoil, but my relatives and I became quite silent with each other. So I "took my money and ran". Boston shortly followed along after me to make sure I was taken care of. He lived in a beach house on the outskirts of the city. I too lived in a beach house, but once I heard my older brother was coming over as well, and purchased a property for E2.6M just a few blocks from me, I upped my trousers and moved a few miles down the the river to a condo with a spectacular view. I used my remaining cash to push my own business endeavours. I stayed close to home of the family business in financing. My mother wanted me to go to college like Princeton and Esther. Princeton is still studying to be a doctor. Esther followed suit after staying back a couple years to help mother with all the children, and the derivatives of the family businesses and estates after Poppa passed. She's studying pharmaceuticals. But with the family name, and the ability to influence the coldest clients possible, I used my talents to jump into investments my last year of Upper School. I graduated early with honors. Even though I was a headache a times, I was still smarter than most of the blokes I went to school with. I started pocketing 6 figures on my own. By the age of 20, I named my business, "Buskee Investments 2.0". So it wouldn't be too entwined or confused with "Buskee Security Safety" as opposed to "Buskee Security AKA Investment Sales". And I was 20 years old so why not drop the 2.0 in there for parody purposes?

(Jester meets up with a high class client in the East about 1,053km away from Orange City in his penthouse on the 41st floor...)

JESTER: What's up, Mr. Broot? How goes it?


(Mr. Broot stood about 24.5cm tall. Wore a white goatee with large handlebars. His face flushed red from all the wine he drunk sun up or sun down. He always wore a gold pinky ring with an emerald gem engraved in it. He was awaiting Jester in a navy blue pinstriped suit with light blue stripes with another friend who resembled Mr. Broot in every category.)

JESTER: Ah-ah-ahh, Mr. Broot, now we've been through this, I'm a caramel chocolate and I died my hair blonde just for guys like you, aye? I really hope your shit isn't this color or you may need a prostate check, aye? The crap you blokes eat over here in Prune City just might be the issue. I'm sure your friend here would be more than happy to stick his hands up your arse for you -- now let's talk business, shall we?

(Mr. Broot embraces Jester with a huge greeting, hug.)

MR. BROOT: AHAHAHA, you hear this pup!? This is why I do business with this kid! Have a seat, lad. Let's talk money!

JESTER: Mr. Broot is one of my regulars. once a year we meet to discuss new investment opportunities to improve his growth potential in his accounts. You'd think a 65 year old man would be more interested in preserving his wealth as opposed to making more money than he already has. The bloke could rollover and drop dead any minute now. Especially with the way he drinks. I won't discuss his net worth though.

(Jester shakes hands with Mr. Broot and leaves after about 2 hours of discussion. More jokes were cracked as Jester leaves the penthouse.)

JESTER: I have high end profiles like Mr. Broot all across the Western Continent. The hard part isn't the flights or the drugs presented, because my only high?.. is getting richer. No, the hard part is all the different rules and regulations across every god damn city I visit. I'm heading back to my hotel for a nap. from the hours of business to operate, to the financial principality laws of each region. I have to learn it all!

CHARWOMAN: Good afternoon, Jester. Good to see you again!

JESTER: Hey, how are you... Nissy, right?

NISSY: Yep! That's me!

JESTER: Nice. Well I'm gonna take a nap. You have a good day, alright?

NISSY: Yep! Will do! I've cleaned your room for ya'. You should be just fine in there.

JESTER: Thanks, Nissy.

(Jester gives his face and hair a quick rinse and brushes his teeth. As he was finishing up, he gets a phone call from an "unknown" source.)

JESTER: Ello, this is Jester?

UNKNOWN CALLER: Hello? Dis is Jester?

JESTER: Yep, this is Jester-- what can I help you with?

UNKNOWN CALLER: Hey, I'm an old friend of your father's from America. My name is Davidson Abdul-ha.


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