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TAKO: We have to see what's going on out there. Sorry but I don't trust that guy like that.

MADAM CARA: If they'd let us out.

TAKO: I'll go and talk to em'.

{Tako approaches the guarding Nightmarchers at the tent's entrance. Both appeared to have an extensive workout routine. Tako needed to be cautious.}

TAKO: Hey, you guys mind if we went and checked out our friend?

{The larger of the two Nightmarchers glares to his left at Tako, but Tako could not make out the expression on his face with the large animal skull covering it.}

NIGHTMARCHER #1: We are under order to keep you here. You may not leave.

TAKO: Look, I just wanna-- we just wanna see if everything's okay out there. You can come with us. I'm one of you, remember?

NIGHTMARCHER #2: You are not! You are an outsider who happens to have a slither of our blood coursing through your veins.

{Tako bows his head in defeat before turning away from the two to walk back to Madam Cara and Davidson. He observed the smaller of the two judgmentally. Noticing a small sheep tribal tattoo on the left arm on the outside at the midpoint beneath the shoulder and the elbow. Then, pointing back to him and giving an insecure response.}

TAKO: You just remember-- I'll remember you. We'll remember you.

{The Nightmarchers did not respond.}

[Back at The Elder's tent.]

EZEKIEL: How can we help him? What can we do, Rabi?

{Rabi is silent. Intently disoriented. The Elder had no answers.}

DraGor: We fight! We fight. It is the only thing we can do.

ELIJAH: We must deliberate this, DraGor, before we come to a conclusion. Is a war between the Guardians of Earth and Demons of Hell a wise decision?

EZEKIEL: We must do what we must to protect the balance.

TA'GI: That is true, but we must make a wise decision.

GOF: Ta'Gi is correct.

{Another overwhelming silence clouds the room. Ezekiel saw the moveless expression still remaining on Rabi's face. So he makes a judgement call.}

EZEKIEL: Jester! Please leave us.

JESTER: ... Alright.

{Jester now felt a temporary sense of calm knowing that The Elders were now for him rather than against him. Although he still worried about what they would ultimately decide.

As Jester turns and walks towards the tent's entrance, he was instantly doing a deliberation of his own merits.}

{Jester exits the tent and stands looking out into the darkness. A group of Nightmarchers stood outside of the tent across from the guarding Nightmarchers having chatter that could not be made out upon outsider's onlook. Of the group was Athena. The Moi turns his head to see Jester standing staring at him with wide eyes.}

JESTER: Oh, shit.

{The Moi then turns to square himself with Jester.}

[Back at the Temple.]

{Tako, Davidson and Madam Cara still standing in the left corner quietly. Uncertain of their next move. Davidson begins to feel an uneasiness. So unsettling, he looks around the room in an instinctive nerving reaction.}

DAVIDSON: We have ta' get outta hea'.

TAKO: ... I just tried that. Remember? We can't leave.


MADAM CARA: It's the boy; he's in trouble.

TAKO: ... How do you know that?

MADAM CARA: I told you before at the shop, we witches can sense without a second thought.

TAKO: Alright, so what do we do? We can't leave here!

MADAM CARA: I can try and reach him telepathically.

DAVIDSON: What do you need for the spell?

MADAM CARA: All three of you are still linked, right?

{Davidson goes quiet before looking over to Tako in a hopeful premise that he did not hear Cara's question even though he was standing right next to them. Cara looks over to Tako for a request.}

CARA: Give me your hand.

{Davidson pauses for a moment in hope before imposing his right hand to Madam Cara.}

DAVIDSON: Let me do it. I have more experience.

(Madam Cara side eyes Davidson.)

{Davidson places his hand on the cold palm of Madam Cara and closes his eyes. Tako stands by with his signature, "hands-on-his-hips" pose. Licking his lips and bouncing from one heel of his foot to the next anxiously waiting.}

MADAM CARA: I found em'.... (Jester... JESTER! Can you hear me?)

[Back at Outside of The Elder's Tent.]

{Jester still standing across from The Moi without words in worry. As he hears the voice, he realizes that it's coming from inside his own head.}

JESTER: (What'-- yes-- who is this? Is this, "Madam Cara"? How can I hear you right now? Or am I just thinkin' to myself?)

MADAM CARA: (No it's me! Are you doing alright out there?)

JESTER: (It would be difficult to say.)

MADAM CARA: (What's going on?)

JESTER: (I met The Elders. I spoke with em'.)

MADAM CARA: (... I see. And what did they say to you?)

JESTER: (Well they discovered The Devil wants to get ahold of my "Essence".)

MADAM CARA: (... Your "Human Essence"?)

JESTER: (Yeah, he wants to walk the Earth again. That's what they believe, and if that's what they believe, that's what it is. So if we don't get out of here, we're all chopped salmon. No matter if they want good for me or not.)

MADAM CARA: (... They'll kill us so... The Devil doesn't get ahold of your 'Human Essence'... how else would they--.)

JESTER: (Prevent an all-out war on Earth.)

{Jester looks up ahead to see the grimacing look on the face of The Moi, Athena. Jester had a realization that there was no way he could swindle himself out of this situation.}

JESTER: (Cara, I need you to do something for me, would ya'?)

MADAM CARA: (What is it?)

JESTER: (You've probably figured out-- well if you haven't, I'm not linked to Tako and Davidson any longer.)

MADAM CARA: (... I figured as much. Davidson's using blonde strands of your hair to link me to you.)

{Before Tako arrived at the hotel pool to welcome Jester and Davidson to Pinaii Island, Davidson and Jester had a discussion about how the alcohol used to link the three of them back in Orange City would wear off after a period of time. The length of time it would take alcoholic beverages to clear from a person's digestive tract. The link was a last resort to prevent Tako from killing the both of them. It was never meant to be everlasting.}

MADAM CARA: (Okay, what do you need me to do?)

JESTER: (If I'm gone, they'll have no choice but to let you all go. They can't harm humans for no good reason. But if you guys are workin' with me, they'll have justifiable means to kill you. I'm gonna end this. I'd rather die at my own hands than let these pricks off me... Just... tell Davidson, "I'm sorry." I know he feels guilty about what happened to my father, but tell em', "It's not his fault". My father made his own decisions as a man. And he made his. He made a choice to help me. Even though he didn't have to. "I respect him." Tell em' that. I've got nothing but respect for him.)

MADAM CARA: (... I'll do that.)

{Jester continues to look into the pitched red eyes of The Moi who still has not spoken. Jester's eyes begin to water up preparing tears. Before they are allowed to fall, Jester takes off running to his left as fast as he could. The Moi takes a step forward, but realizes Jester is far beyond his reach.}


{The guarding Nightmarchers do not move. Athena's trusted Nightmarchers chase after Jester in hopes of catching him.

The wind blowing heavily as Jester pushes on. Not looking back. He can see the grey from the sky ahead over the dark grass circumferences. Breathing heavily in hopes that the Nightmarchers were only slightly faster than he was.}

[Inside The Elder's Tent.]

EZEKIEL: What is going on out there?

[Outside of the Tent.]

{Jester starts to feel the cold from over the ledge coming from the water 30 feet below. He's approached the point of no return, and takes his final step on land before jumping out into the dim sky.}

[Back at the Temple.]

{Madam Cara inhales with fear as she breaks the connection with Jester and stumbles backwards as Davidson catches her from completely losing ground.}



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