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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

JESTER: Davidson? You've got some nerve calling me.

DAVIDSON: I'm here, in Orange City. --

JESTER: Why are you here?

DAVIDSON: So I'm sure ya' fatha' told ya' about me. I just want ta' help ya', brotha'.

JESTER: And how could an old pup like you help a man like me, aye?

DAVIDSON: Plenty, boy. There's plenty you don't know. You not aware of. I can show ya'. I've had visions of ya' abilities.


(Jester hangs up the phone on Davidson.)


JESTER: You call me again, Davidson-- I'm sure you know what I am capable of. --

DAVIDSON: Ah so you did discover ya' abilities early? There's still more you don't kno--



JESTER: Ellooo?

DAVIDSON: Hear me out, boy! I've been followin' ya' all around da city.

JESTER: Do I need to call the coppers on ya', old man? No I oughta do ya' in myself for what you did to my Pop.

DAVIDSON: JESTER! Shut up and listen, boy! They're already here for ya', boy!

JESTER: What the fuck are you yapping about, mate?

DAVIDSON: Listen, all around da' city, they been followin' ya'. I've been stayin' close by. They parked across da' street.

(Jester looks outside of his window of his condo on the street side.)

DAVIDSON: Look out your window. They parked in a red car with a flag on the left side. They won't come up to ya' place. It's too risky tryin' to get a Jester in his own home. I'm comin' up! Like I said, brotha', I just want ta' help. Hear me out. Oh no! They getting out of the car!

(Two men approach Jester's front door, and buzz themselves in. Both wearing red suits,with unattached buttons with a white button down inside. Jester saw them coming and was already prepared to meet the two men in the cleared lobby of his place. It was just approaching sundown. The only person to pass by was a woman clutching her purse seemingly drained from a long day of work. She wore pumped heels and had long flowing hair that bounced with the wind that streamed front the beach side of the land. You could smell the sand and water from the nature based lobby. Plants based in corners.)

JESTER: Ello, chaps. What can I help ya' with?

UNATTACHED SUIT #1: JESTER! How goes it? I'm Tako, and this here is my friend Jeice.

(Tako was clearly a mix of Hawaiian and Japanese decent. He had a certain flare to his style that signified he was island born. His hair swooshed forward like he watched too many "high school teen drama" series, and a lot of anime. His friend seemed newer to his role. He appeared uncomfortable, and American. Blonde, straight hair yet curled behind his ears. Slightly taller than Tako who was just under average male height, but not by much.)

JESTER: This American's name is, Jeice? When did they start making those?

(Tako took a certain amusement to that comment.)

TAKO: He's American, but his father was born not too far from here.

JESTER: It had to be pretty far from here. They don't make these pricks over here either.

TAKO: I thought they came from this general area?

JESTER: No these guys are very area specific nowadays. They get a bad rep.

TAKO: Really? There's only a few places he could be from, but the name "Jeice" narrows the options down.

JESTER: You're right about that.

TAKO: Yeah Beach Coasters in America aren't named "Jeice". --

JESTER: Or... North of the U.S boarder. --

JEICE: Okay-- I'm standing right here.

JESTER: Right.

TAKO: Right.

JESTER: What can I help you gentlemen with?

TAKO: Well, we have a proposition for you. Hear us out a bit, eh?

JESTER: Well it depends on what we're talking about.

TAKO: See it seems a specific someone is looking to acquire you and your services.

JESTER: And who might this "someone" be?

TAKO: Well this someone generally pays me pretty well. I don't know about Jeice, but I get a pretty decent salary.

JEICE: Maybe we should have this discussion in a private place.

JESTER: Well what's wrong with right here? You two didn't necessarily have an appointment with me.

(Before conversation could continue, Davidson Abdul-ha interrupts by walking abruptly through the front doors with a grand greeting.)

DAVIDSON: HELLOO!! How is everything going, gentlemen?

(The 3 men look over unable to ignore the entrance made by Davidson.)

TAKO: There something we can help you with?

DAVIDSON: Well, not you, I don't think I know you, man. But I do have an appointment with Jester right now. I didn't know you had anything scheduled, Jester.

JESTER: I don't. Mr... "Tacos"?--

TAKO: It's "Tako," "Tako-Hinomata".

JESTER: Yes, Mr. Tako, and Jeice were just leavin'. Isn't that, right?

TAKO: ... yeah, we'll be back after your meeting.

JESTER: Alright! Let the door bust your arse on the way out, aye?

JEICE: Thanks, appreciate it!

(Tako snarks at Jeice as they are leaving the condominium lobby. Jester waits until Tako and Jeice pass the doors to confront Davidson.)

JESTER: And why shouldn't I throw you out?

DAVIDSON: This ain't a joke, boy! I told ya', I'm here to help ya'. Now let's go talk! I came all the way from the U.S of A. You think I'd come all this way for to give ya' a hard time? I looked after your father for months. You think I'm here to harm ya'?

(Jester turns away from Davidson before responding.)

JESTER: Don't speak about my father! He's dead because of you! You... you old clown!

DAVIDSON: Jester, you don't think I am upset? You don't think I think about your father?

(Someone passes through the lobby. At this point, Jester realized his temper was starting to throttle.)

JESTER: Let's continue this up at my place.

(The two make their way up to Jester's condo in silence with a loud cloud of tension above their heads.)

JESTER: How many more?

DAVIDSON: I'm sorry?

JESTER: My father couldn't have been the only one. So how many souls did you sale?

DAVIDSON: Your father... was the only one. It was my first and last contract I ever did. After that contract, I had a nightmare, and he came to me. He told me... he would own Walter's soul, and the soul of his son. You Jester. I thought I was doing good, but it's only been bad.

JESTER: So why are you here? To "Help me".

DAVIDSON: I had another vision. Ever since ya' father, I've been doin' what I can to help people for the good. I've been usin' all I know to do "good"! Tryin' to make amends. I traveled all across the states. Helpin' people fight their demons. Trying to get rid of mine. The vision I had... last week... it was about some bad people out to get ya'. I didn't know who or what, but I knew some folks where looking to do ya' harm. There I was, doin' some regular grocery shoppin'. Grabbed a bag off of those little produce things they got at the grocery stores. Went down... grabbed up the cherries out of the bunker. I twirled them through my fingers, and that's when it hit me. I saw red, and you. Even though I neva' really seen ya' face in the vision. You were a shadow. and I knew it was you. I can't explain it, but I knew it was you! You were surrounded by red and black. Darkness. I heard ya' screams. I heard them, and I dropped my cherries all over the ground. About a pound of 'em. Everyone around me, just staring at me like... like a... like I just pulled a gun on somebody, ya' know what I mean? That night I went home and sat in my favorite chair. Didn't turn on the lights or nothin'. Silently waiting. Waiting for something to come to me. Why did I get that vision about ya'!? You came to mind again. I knew it wasn't a coincidence this time. Then and there, I hoped up and I located ya', and got online and got my plane ticket. This was my chance. My chance to make things right. Finally.

(By this hour, the sun had gone down about 30 minutes ago. The night dark as if the halfway mark had been reached, but it was 3 hours from the stroke of midnight. The bustle outside of the condominium was quite normal to that neighborhood. You could hear the car horns, street performers playing their acoustic guitars, and also the echoes and joy from the bars. Through all of this, Jester heard the car door of intent close. Looking out of the window to see Tako and Jeice prepping to make their way back into the building. Jester's arms crossed, he turns back towards Davidson.)

JESTER: ... How are you going to help me?

DAVIDSON: I'm here to teach you everything I know.


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