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Life, Health + Accident Insurance: The Exam(s)

The Life, Health + Accident Insurance examining differs from state-to-state. Regulation and moderation are determined by the state insurance committees & administrators. In some states, these 3 exams are taken all in one. In other jurisdictions, these exams are completed separately (life insurance exam) or in varying combinations (Life and Accident Insurance exam). Stating this exam is a "monster" is an understatement. But that ultimately depends on where you're taking it. These certifications combined gives you the ability to solicit, advise and issue insurance products in life, health + accident insurance that are non-security derived.

What's On the Exam(s)?

What makes this test quite difficult is the amount of time it requires along with the varying topics that are covered in detail including Medicaid, Medicare, Index Insurance Products, Life Insurance, and Retirement Products such as Annuities & Perpetuities. The number of questions on the exam may also be determined by the jurisdiction issuing the exam. Yet none of this will change the overall concepts that will be covered. Even if these exams are separate and certain topics are covered in variation, like the SIE & S7 participants, it's best to cover all your basis as you become a licensed agent.

Woman hard at work studying for her Life insurance exam.
Studying for your life insurance exam(s).

The Trials

You must complete a mandatory set of pre-licensing hours of preparation and studying prior to qualifying to take the exam(s). Even after completing the pre-licensing, the timer states you're ready to take the test, but are you actually prepared? The time waiting to take the exam(s) can cause a serious case of anxiety. It's best to use some time to create a steady study plan that is consistent and not overwhelming and to be sure you are prepared by covering all topics according to the allocation of questions on the content outline. Get plenty of rest and sleep and stay motivated and driven.

The Wider Spectrum

Man happy he is a Life, Health and Accident Insurance Agent.
The Wide Spectrum of your Insurance License/Certification.

Similar to the Series 65 licensing, there is a lot of room for flexibility. After acquiring your agent's license, you have the ability to become a business owner by obtaining an 'agency' license. Like the S65, you will need to check requirements issued by the state administrator or insurance committee to determine requirements to obtain your agency license. Similar to the Series 7, there is a lot of flexibility for the types of products you wish to make your specialty to sale. Your agency may want you to focus on a specific product, but that shouldn't deter you from learning as much as you possibility can to extend your career. In plus, you are required to complete Continued Education (CE) courses even after passing the exam. It makes life much easier if you know the material in-depth. In that case, the most difficult thing you'd have to worry about is the changing regulations and limits (contribution, minimum, maximum, tax, etc.) over the years.

Man online with the JHN FINANCE Study Program.
Join the Life, Health + Accident Insurance Study Group.

Joining the 'L, H + A' Study Group

Okay, I must admit, not to toot my own horn, but I am a master when it comes to this license. A study group with me wouldn't be the worst idea, but let's get some friends together who are where you are in their journey, and you can learn together with the tools provided with JHN FINANCE. like the possibility to network with other professionals on a similar path in their careers. Studying ideas, concepts, ideology that you may not have thought of on your own is available with the JHN Program. So, join today!


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