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What is the Series 65 Exam?

Otherwise known as the Investment Law Exam. Unlike the Series 7 & SIE, the Series 65 is monitored, certified and initiated by State Administrators of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). There are no corequisites to taking this exam. FINRA has no jurisdiction over this exam, or any other licenses issued by the NASAA. This license allows you the ability to advise on investment products.

S65 Topics

Woman studying for the Series 65 exam.
Studying for Series 65 by the NASAA.

The Series 65 focuses on various topics, but more on regulations and the specifics of them: what is covered under the NASAA; what is monitored by the State Administration versus what is monitored under SEC and Federal law. There is also more of a focus on economics unlike the SIE or Series 7. Combine those things with brief general coverage of securities products, and you have a 130-question test.

Woman happy she passed the Series 65 exam.
Endless possibilities with the Investment Law Licensing.

Virtually Endless Possibilities

I like to think of this exam as having "endless possibilities". Why? Because it gives you flexibility of direction. Though you are not technically licensed to "touch" security products, you have jurisdiction to advise on them. you're like a "puppet master". You don't actually make the engine run, but you have the ability to say when it does when it comes to doing best by your clientele. Unlike the S7(In any case) or Insurance licensing (in some states... probably most of them at this point), you may also charge a consultation fee. This is not about the money, but the professionalism and structure you can create as a business owner with this licensing. Yes, you can start an Investment Advisory Firm with this licensing by completing Form ADV and following your state's specific requirements such as posting a surety bond or having a base net worth. Let me be clear that you must check your state administrator's requirements for specifics. These examples are not the letter of the law. "Money down" may not be required in some states. If that's not your objective, you can still pair this licensing with others like the Series 7, Series 6, Life Insurance Agent licensing + more. Alas, if you are pairing this licensing with working with a registered broker dealer and an investment adviser, it's probably best to look into taking the Series 66 exam instead.

I Love This!

I love this exam because it's cost effective, and you claim knowledge and credibility as a financial professional with extensive professionalism. The possibilities are really vast-- and did I fail to mention, you may also become an accredited investor with this licensing by passing the exam and registering with the state or the SEC. I can't wait to take this exam myself when things calm down with JHN FINANCE & Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation.

Join the Series 65 Study Program

Group of young adults studying for Series 65 exam.
Joining Series 65 Study Group.

I've got these topics pretty much down, but I haven't had time to test yet! Join me in the study program where we can learn together and improve our knowledge to pass these exams. This works! Believe me, I have been running the Study Programs for some time, and those who consistently make it into this program have better focus, drive, motivation and ultimately, they pass their exams much faster than those who don't. Individuals who duck out of the program, eventually fall short. Those who are in the program weekly and are intentional... PASS.

You also have the opportunity to network and meet others who are on similar paths in the industry like you. So, they think like you. You cannot beat this! I promise. Did I also fail to mention, it's at half the cost of an hourly tutor?


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