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That One Film Called 'Gentleman'

This Blog is about another old friend of mine I went to college with. Now, he's doing and planning a lot of awesome things. I'm more than happy I get to write about them. My fascination for film and the theater has always been present. More so for film. I could never come to fancy musicals. A component of my artistry I have been really looking forward to strengthening would be things of movie production. Production, writing, direction, lighting, costume designs, storyboards, you name it. Luckily for me, I've come across some really cool people who are open and willing to pass off their knowledge of the art graciously. I've even had a discussion or two with an accredited writer who has heavily influenced my likeness vicariously through my favorite superhero, not Wallace West, but Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Anyway, enough about me. This has all brought me to lean on guys like the one I'm writing about to grow as an artist. Without further ado, let's talk about David Kolenda III.

David Kolenda III is a highly educated Christian fellow. He's studied across the country, because he's lived in various places in the U.S grabbing some degrees along the way. To name a few: Texas, California and right here in Minnesota. From the arts, and into fields like financing. So we have a lot in common here. He is a father and a husband. To me, he's more like a humanitarian. If some man out there could ever coin the term "Gentleman", it would be David Kolenda. Always upstanding and looking for ways to show his great character. He and his wife plan to adopt 2 children aside from the ones they already have. Currently, he's working on a very precise plan to provide for those in need. Let's dive into this!

A housing plan is in the works for those living below the poverty line. Renovation of large compound sheds and creating homes out of them. The goal is to see this develop into a much larger community along the coasts of the inner city creating a highly affording living expense for those in need. Going below the market price to make sure larger families and single mothers have a place to call home.

He will also be studying more online about acquiring something called a 'Master of Divinity' over the course of the next two years. I have never heard of that in my life until he told me about it. What it actually deconstructs to is that David is a chaplain for the U.S Army reserve. In this position, he wants to see the divorce rate in America decrease with his efforts. Especially to those veterans who worked in our military.

All of these are strategies well planned and thought out by David and his wife [The Kolendas]. But for me personally, I think the strongest attribute of this gracious person is his knack for empathy. Speaking to those who are in a tough place in life and being able to make a difference by simply having a well thought out conversation completely aware of the traumatic imprints in that person's story is a monumental thing. You do not always need a microphone or a social media post to make a difference. It's those things you do that you have incorporated into your nature and your everyday life that truly impacts another. Simply being there when someone needs someone to talk to can make a difference.

Theater has been apart of David Kolenda III from his teen years, and still is apart of him now. The eagerness to pursue film came to him while in his first year of college studying business. Writing became extensive while he studied. Mythology would be his go to option if he had to pick a favorite genre. His goal is to see Christian film become relevant by quality of work as far as writing and production value in the media. So vast commercialization of his product would be awesome! It's just his time, I believe. If you ask me, I think his time and effort spent into really honing his craft will pay off very soon.

About 4 years ago, David's cousin from Montana formed a film production company called Eagle Ridge Studies. Currently, they are working on a movie named "Trail of Justice". I've seen the trailer for this well budgeted film, and it looks amazing! I hope everyone watches the short sneak peak of it, and eventually tunes into the entire movie end to end. Actually, if I can, I will post the link here to the trailer: ------. David is credited as an actor and writer in this one. He hopes this journey with his cousin really develops into something special so he can continue to pursue writing as a passion. And he's off to a great start. 'Trail of Justice' has received nods for a 'Best Screenplay at the 2020 International Christian Film Festival' nomination.

With all of this at hand, this isn't even his #1 goal. His primary goal is to see his legacies take what he has built, and continues to make due and good of what he has created for them and the family. Also, to be the best father and husband he can be to his family. Becoming a father and husband was when he realized he had completely matured as a person. Now, he sees the world from a perspective he feels he was always destined to see. A note David Kolenda wants all of us to know is that marriage "isn't 50/50. It's 100%/100%. If I go into it[every day marriage life] with my primary goal to meet your[his wife's] needs, and I trust that my spouses main goal is to meet my needs, then our focus stops being on ourselves." I agree. About being a father, he says, "Having children was the thing that definitely made me feel like I'd fully matured. I'm pretty sure I finally lost my boyish face by the time my son was born. Children are phenomenal, and you will find out exactly what your limits are and where you need to grow almost immediately. They're possibly the most fulfilling thing you can [create]. If I fail at everything else I do, except marriage, in order to be successful as a father, then my primary responsibility has been met."

Though I have not experienced a life with children and a lovely wife yet, I'm glad I can gain such knowledge from a man sophisticated enough to take the helms of fatherhood and being wedded to create an everlasting passion for selfless actions. Impacting other's lives by allocating courteous thoughts and actions in my mindset every day. Creating a story for people to remember. As I will always remember that there was a well curated art of David Kolenda III called "being a gentleman."


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