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VICTOR: What the hell!? What are you doing!? What are you up to!? Who are you!?

MAX YORKI: I'm your History Professor, Victor.

VICTOR: Hu-- Don't play games with me! Who are you, and what are you doing here!? And how would you remember my name!? There's no way you remember my name out of all of your students! SO ANSWER ME!

(Max turns his eyes to greet Michael.)

MAX YORKI: ... Hello, Michael.

(Max also turns to notice Wyatt.)

MAX YORKI: And nice to meet the genius behind this operation.

VICTOR: HEY! You piece of shit, ANSWER ME!

WYATT: (Ahh... how does he know me?)

MAX YORKI: Victor, I suggest you calm down.

VICTOR: "Calm," you want me to be calm!? I'll show you "cal--


(Victor stops in his tracks, and meets eyes with Michael.)

MICHAEL: Calm down.

(Michael turns his eyes back to Max.)

MICHAEL: Let's hear what he has to say. So, what do you have to say?

MAX YORKI: I'm positive you guys have all the answers. Since you've been searching for me since you've been here on campus.

WYATT: (AHH... I can't believe this! So... the supernatural is indeed real! I can't believe this!)

MICHAEL: So you are a supernatural being. What exactly are you?

MAX YORKI: Hm, in your "human diction", I'm highly similar to the highest being in the Hominid Family.

(Wyatt puts his head down to think on the clue.)

WYATT: So... you're an "ape" somehow!?

MAX YORKI: ... I have decided to let you guys find me. You all have made my task at hand much easier. I need help.

MICHAEL: What do you mean?

MAX YORKI: This may be hard to believe, but--

VICTOR: We've come this far; I'm pretty sure whatever you tell us, we'd believe.

MAX YORKI: ... Very well then.

(Max prepares himself emotionally before beginning to tell his story.)

MAX YORKI: My people... may be under attack. I am from a parallel world of this Earth called the 'Minohade Kingdom'. I have... well, had a device that transports me to my world and here, to this world. It has been stolen. 4 demons of the night from this world. I believe you call them, "vampires". I've studied religiously on these creatures: how they smell of blood and death, how they move, how they hide among the shadows, and strike at night. I researched that foul stench I smelled that night and all things that followed to learn how I would retrieve my device from them. They were so quick when they came to my home in the middle of the night. I was able to sift them out in differing figures to conclude that there was 4 of them. But being caught off guard at my home, I had no time or chance to fight them off. They were just too fast! I need to get my device back! I need you guys to get it back for me.

MICHAEL: But... we're just humans. There is no way we can get your device back from vampires.

MAX YORKI: ... I will give you the power.

MICHAEL: Is this a bluff? How do we know you aren't lying about all of this?

MAX YORKI: ... You don't. But I can tell you that what I say is the truth.

(Michael seems to tighten up even more at this scenario. He is sweating down his face.)

VICTOR: If he wanted kill us, we'd be dead already. He could off us right now if he wanted.

(Victor turns back to address Max with more questioning.)

VICTOR: So why do you need us if you have the power yourself?

MAX YORKI: That's the thing, I have too much power. They would sniff me out before I step within 20 feet of them. Especially since I am the one they robbed. They needed my device for a specific reason so there's no question they've done their homework. I just don't know what that reason is.

(The room goes silent for a moment.)

VICTOR: What kind of power?

MAX YORKI: I can give you the powers of "the chimp".

WYATT: ... As in... a "Chimpanzee"?

MAX YORKI: Yes, but not like the "chimpanzee" of your world. But of my world. This is an entirely different breed. The "chimpanzee" is the closest thing to what my world has... to your understanding. Along with the extreme amounts of power you will receive from me... a "Gorilla"; to your understanding, you will have extremely heightened senses and abilities. But you must learn to own them.


(Max is embarrassed by Wyatt's child-like display of emotion. Before letting him down with little empathy.)

MAX YORKI: Not you, Wyatt.

(Wyatt instantly goes from smile to frown and slump.)

MAX YORKI: These two.


WYATT: What the hell!? Why not me? I'm the one who put this search together to find you in the first place!

MAX YORKI: Yes that is true. But looking at you, I can tell your body would not handle the power very well.

(Wyatt takes a look at his extremely thin frame. Only standing about 5'7" and 120 lbs.)

MAX YORKI: I'm sure it would kill you.


MAX YORKI: Aside from that, you sought me out on the back of "scientific exploration". Those who do not seek understanding on spiritual premise cannot explore this. It would certainly be too much to handle. Your mind would lose its sanity trying to piece together the nuances of the new world you would be exposed to. And, it's an unwritten law. These two on the other hand, found me based on their own spiritual intuition.

WYATT: But... no fair.

MAX YORKI: Sorry, Wyatt.

WYATT: (No fair).

VICTOR: I'll do it!

(Victor seems extremely enticed about the opportunity.)

MAX YORKI: No. I will give you time to deliberate. I will not assume your complete analysis of the situation until after your complete deliberation. You both must discuss this together.

(Victor seems upset with this request. As he already has his mind made up. Michael stands with his head low. Thinking over what Max has offered.)

MAX YORKI: I will give you the rest of the night to deliberate. When your answer is 100% certain, we will proceed.

MICHAEL: Okay. I will take my time on this.

(Victors turns to Michael in frustration, but Michael ignores the steaming glare from Victor as he is in serious thought.)

VICTOR: What? Are you kidding me?

MAX YORKI: Seems you two aren't on the same page. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be here at my desk preparing my next lesson plan.

(The night progresses as outside of the History District Building, wild winds blow heavy as rain strikes furiously. Thunder erupts!)

VICTOR: What do you mean you will take your time!? It's an obvious decision!

MICHAEL: No it isn't, Victor. Think about how much this will affect our lives. I'm already on a fantastic path as a dancer. This could interfere with everything I have ever worked for.

VICTOR: But think about how much stronger you will be! Even as a dancer, you would be better than everyone!

MICHAEL: ... At what cost, Victor?

VICTOR: "WHAT COST"!? Ahh, I can't even speak to you!

(Victor turns away from Michael where he sits in the front row of the seated auditorium style classroom. Headed upward to higher seating.)

VICTOR: Hurry up and make up your mind. My mind is made.

(1 hour passes as the storm outside continues. At this point, Victor is almost beside himself and heads back down to address Michael who is still seated pondering his decision.)




(Wyatt sits straight left of the two as they argue with his feet upon the desk, and his hands behind his head.)

WYATT: Man, no fair. Why do they get to be superheroes? Man, sure is taking a long time to come to a decision. My answer would be a quick, "Yes!" Imagine what kind of superhero I would be...

(Wyatt daydreams of being a superhero with a large cape and tight fitted suit. Flashing a wink and a side smile.)

WYATT: Yeah, a great one.

(Hours pass as it is now 13 minutes after midnight.)

VICTOR: (This is ridiculous).


(Everyone in the room turns abruptly to Michael.)

MICHAEL: I'll do it.


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