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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

(Michael texts Victor...)

MICHAEL: What's up? Up for another search tonight?

VICTOR: Yeah, but this is getting ridiculous. This is the third night in a row.

MICHAEL: Haha. Well, I have a good feeling about tonight. Tonight is the night!

VICTOR: Alright, well I'm going to go practice soccer right now. Catch ya' later.

MICHAEL: See ya'!

(Victor hits up the soccer dome for some morning drills and training...)


(Victor can't miss! Netting every shot! Just as Victor lines up a very long shot running full speed ahead...)




(Victor lands flat on his back. )

VICTOR: ... Owe.

LOLA: O.M.G! Are you alright?

VICTOR: How'd you find me?

LOLA: I ran into your roommate today! Now what was his name? "Waffles"? "Washington"?

VICTOR: Oh, stop being silly! You know his name isn't "Washington".


LOLA: Hey, I didn't know you played sports.

VICTOR: Yeah, haha. It's kind of my life, and the reason I'm here.

LOLA: Really!? Could you show me some things?

(Victor gets a little feeling in his body after that question.)

VICTOR: (Oh crap! I really think she likes me! But I have to get to class right now.)

Ahh, sorry Lola; I actually have to get to class right now.

LOLA: Awwwe. Maybe some other time!

VICTOR: Absolutely.

(about 45 minutes later after a shower, Victor heads to class. These classes were pretty packed with at least 55 students minimum per class. As he settles in, he spots his good friend Michael. They flash a grin at each other. They sit far apart though. It would have been too much of a hassle trying to make it over to Victor.)

MICHAEL: (Victor.)

VICTOR: (Hm, Michael's in this class.)

(As they both sit awaiting for the class to begin, they both get a strange tingling feeling down their spines. They both automatically look up ahead to the very front of the class. Victor looks back over his right shoulder to where Michael sat. Their faces quite serious as they peered at each other as though they could have read each other's minds.)

MICHAEL: (Wow, he must've felt it too.)

VICTOR: (Oh, man. I think he felt it also.)

(Michael in an instant reaches for his phone and sends Victor a message.)

MICHAEL: We search here tonight.

CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Hello, class! My name is "Max Yorki"! Or you can call me: "Mr. Yorki", "Mr.Y", or "Mr. Max." Whatever flows easier for you, works for me.

(Victor sends Wyatt a text.)

VICTOR: Wyatt, Michael and I are sitting here in the same history class. We need you to do something, quick.

(It takes Wyatt 2 minutes to respond to Victor's text.)

WYATT: Sure! What's up?

VICTOR: I need you to figure out what time "'Max Yorki's' History Class" last class is. Michael and I have a really strange feeling about this guy.

(It takes Wyatt 7 minutes to respond to Victor's text.)

WYATT: Sure, you got it.

(Victor texts Michael.)

VICTOR: Michael, meet me at the end of your last class back at my room.

MICHAEL: Got it. So around 6-ish?

VICTOR: Yep, that works.

(At the end of the day, Michael and Victor meet up in Victor and Wyatt's room. Wyatt comes through the door just a few minutes after Michael.)

WYATT: Hey, guys.

MICHAEL: Hey, Wyatt.

VICTOR: Hey, Wyatt.

WYATT: So what's this "feeling" you guys had? I did figure out Mr. Yorki's last class ends after 9:30pm tonight.

(Victor looks over at Michael.)

MICHAEL: I don't know, but it was something. Something pretty strong.

VICTOR: Yeah, I felt it. It was... a quick feeling, but... definitely gave me goosebumps. I couldn't ignore it.

WYATT: Well, was it "bad joo-joo"? Or, "Good joo-joo"?

VICTOR: I don't know that much. Michael?

MICHAEL: Couldn't tell. It was just strong.

WYATT: Well, alright. So what's the plan?

MICHAEL: After 9:30pm. We go and check this out.

VICTOR: You want to confront this guy head on!?

MICHAEL: No. Let's wait about an hour for him to clear out of there, and then we go and check out the room.

WYATT: Won't the room be locked, dude?

VICTOR: The room will be locked.

(Michael takes a moment to gather his collective thoughts, but he already had a solution to their "locked door," problem.)

MICHAEL: I can snatch his key card.

(Victor and Wyatt spontaneously get bug-eyed with trembling teeth.)


WYATT: How the hell are you going to do that!?

(I'll sneak into each of his last two classes, find out where he keeps the keys, and snatch them. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Unless he has senses like some kind of spider. I should be able to get a hold of them.)

VICTOR: And what if it's locked in his drawer?

WYATT: Oh, wait! Guys, I just remembered. I've brought my "key decrypter".

VICTOR: A what?

WYATT: My "key decrypter". It's actually one of my favorite inventions. I made it when I was about 12 years old. My father always had these "wine parties" when I was younger, and he told me I couldn't have any wine. So I made the 'key decrypter' to decipher any key code, lock, Identification system.

(Wyatt goes searching through his things for it.)

WYATT: AHA, HERE IT IS! CLUTCH! So we don't need his keys. We should be able to get in no problem.

MICHAEL: Then it's settled then. We go around 10:30 tonight.

(Victor and Wyatt nod in agreement with the plan.

That night, Victor, Wyatt and Michael pace full speed ahead at exactly 10:27pm in order to make it to Mr. Yorki's classroom before the building was completely locked after all of the students and cleaning crew have left. The sky had fallen of a dark grey color, and the moon was full. They make it to the History District, and down the hallway. All the way to Max Yorki's classroom. Without using a key, Victor just runs right into the door.)



(Michael and Victor stop on the dime and turn to Wyatt.)

WYATT: Guys, something's not right here.

VICTOR: What do you mean?

WYATT: Oh, man, there's something up. We gotta get out of here!

VICTOR: No way! We've searched too long for this thing and we might have found it! There's gotta be a clue or something around here.

(Wyatt presses both his hands to the side of his head and closes his eyes behind his glasses. He seemed so irritated, disturbed, and anxious.)

WYATT: Victor, you idiot... think for a second! The door wasn't locked. What teacher do you know leaves their door practically wide open for anyone to walk in!?

VOICE IN THE DARK: He's right, you know.

(The three boys turn their heads toward the dark corner of the room. Their eyes wide as though they might pop out of their sockets. The shadowy image begins to form and step out of the darkness.)

MAX YORKI: Why would someone leave a door open? Unless they had intentions of someone walking in.


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