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(Down the long road Victor drives along... shrouded with large green trees boarded from the street by silver rails. The street lights tall and spaced along the way. Even with the street lights, it was dark. Victor holds his left hand on the wheel gazing down the road in his favorite letter-man jacket. Terrified. His life flashing in his eyes at every passing of a street light. Jitters, fidgeting his right hand uncontrollably on his face, neck, in the air; leaning to his right with his elbow on the driver's compartment. The only sound was of the cars motor.

Across from the inner city was the docks. Victor arrived in the parking lot on the opposite side of the water. As soon as he parked the car, he exited to not allow the fear to hinder his progress. As he closed the door, he looked up to the dark blue skies reflecting the essence of the water. He could hear the waves moving on the river with the wind. Cool breezes passing his face. It somehow helped with containing the fear he felt. Something about the fresh air and calming sounds of the water helped his mood. Before he walked on to the boards of the docks, he input his ear peace for communication into his left ear which made a beeping sound as he placed it in his ear.)

VICTOR: Hello? Hello? It's Victor?

(Wyatt began to communicate with him through the ear peace.)

WYATT: Hello? Vic'? You're online-- I hear you! Are... are you there?

VICTOR: Yes, I'm at the docks. I haven't gone around and in yet. I'm in the parking lot. I'm going over now.

WYATT: Okay.

(Victor begins to walk along the boards of the docks turning the corner around the first warehouse and front office that was empty of any service representatives or security. As he walked he saw a long line of boats floating on the water ports.)

VICTOR: When do I take the fly out?

WYATT: Hang on to it until you get inside. I don't want the connection to get mixed up with all that water and those trees.

VICTOR: What if they see me take it out?

WYATT: Don't make it so obvious!

VICTOR: Alright, alright!

(Victor stops walking along the way because he remembered he didn't remember which warehouse it was. He then also had a very strange feeling that he was being somehow followed. He turned around and surveyed his surroundings. Nothing. He saw nothing. Could have just been his fear getting the best of him. He continued on.)

VICTOR: Which warehouse is it?

WYATT: ... Warehouse 8!

(Victor begins his walk again. As he got confirmation of the warehouse, he was struck with another blow of fear. Knowing there was no turning back. Max's ear peace went online.)

MAX: Hello? Victor? Can you hear me?--

VICTOR: Yes-- yes I can hear you. --

MAX: It's Max. I'm here with you.

VICTOR: Alright I'm here.

(Victor stops in front of the door to the large warehouse that hoisted a huge red figure "8" upon the center of the warehouse far above the door. To the right of the door was a huge gate where the boats could be ported into or any other storage that was too massive to go through the front door.

The adrenaline took over as Victor knew... the moment had come. He twists the front door knob. Nothing. He twisted repeatedly. Nothing. So he walked over to the gate where he saw a rope with a handle hanging from underneath it. He tugged it upward as the gate went flying up.

The only light present was from the blue atmosphere behind him. creating a pathway of light toward the center of the warehouse. It was so dark around the path of light, he could lose his own hand inside he walked too far in. He quickly remembered to let the fly loose from his pocket. As he pulled it out, he heard a small beeping sound. It was activated, he knew it.)

[Back at the dorm.]

WYATT: The Wy-Fly is online!

(The Wy-Fly camera connected to the television.)

[Back at the docks.]

WYATT: Damn, It's so dark in there!

[Back at the dorm.]

(Wyatt began to whisper.)

MAX: Why are you whispering?

(Wyatt turned to Max with squinted eyes.)

WYATT: ... I don't know.

[Back at the docks.]

WYATT: Victor can you see anything? Wy-Fly isn't picking up anything.

(Victor began to whisper.)

VICTOR: No. I can't see anything. But something or somebody is here! I hear them!

(Victor hears rummaging around inside. He could only see the center of the room as his eyes adjusted to the lighting from outside. Before Victor knew it, a dark figure leaped down to the center of the floor into the light. Wearing nothing but black. Heavy black boot-like shoes and a black cloak-- or a large coat. It stood straight up and Victor now had a clear image of the man that stood in front of him. From above, he heard voices speaking at him. This was it! These were the Vampires!)

MAX: Victor, what do you see!? Is it them!?

(Max did not wait on a Victor answer before he activated his super-vision from the dorm room to gain sight of what was happening through the Wy-Fly projection onto the television screen.)

MAX: Victor! Quick! Use your eyes, now!

(Victor nervously activated his extensive vision abilities to gain an even more vivid picture of the 4 Vampires. 1 just 15 feet away in front of him. And the others behind that one up above standing upon the 2nd level of the Warehouse looking down at him from behind the rail.)

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: Is there any way to clear up the picture!?

WYATT: ... yeah, hang tight!

[Back at the warehouse.]

(The Vampire with long silken hair from above shouted down.)


(All these Vampires dressed eerily alike. Matching large black coats with chains in some variety or fashion. The humongous Vampire stood in front of him-- the largest of the pack. He spoke.)

VAMPIRE 2: Sheldo! I guess he wants to die!

VICTOR: (Him-- the one with the long hair. His name's "Sheldo"?)

(Victor begins to size up the Vampire in front of him careful not to take his eye off of him by beginning to walk slowly to his right. Being as cautious as possible. He wanted to avoid altercation at all cost.)

VICTOR: 4 Vampires!? You guys could have at least not been so... generic.


(Sheldo turns to the shorter Vampire to the left of him and began to speak. Victor noticed when he focused on Sheldo before he turned his head that the left side of his head was shaved while the right side was the only side that streamed long pure black hair. Victor looked closely at the Vampire Sheldo was speaking with. He was focused on him without blinking. He was the second shortest of the pack and wore a Mohawk that was highly fashionable and large. Silk-haired like Sheldo, but his hair stood in different directions. Holding spray made it look well conditioned with lots of body.

Victor clued in with his heightened hearing and listened in on the conversation anxious to hear what was being spoken.)

SHELDO: Marcene, he must be here for the "toy".

VICTOR: (His name's "Marcene".)

MARCENE: It's not a "toy", Sheldo.

(The Vampire in front of Victor began to speak. He was at least 6'5" with a more classy hairdo. It was a tapered fade with curly hair up top. He had a widow's peak.)

VAMPIRE 2: I'll just kick this guy's arse and we will be done with it.

(The smallest and seemingly youngest of the bunch to the right of Sheldo spoke from up above. His hair was the best kept of the bunch aside from the largest Vampire in front of him. His sides were also cut in a faded fashion. Up top, his hair was gelled back silky smooth and evenly cut.)

VAMPIRE 4: He must be with the guy we stole it from, Vincent!

VICTOR: ("Vincent". The big one's name is "Vincent". Simple. I have to stall him...)

VINCENT: Yeah well we may have to kill him then, Oscar?

VICTOR: ("Oscar". Okay... let me see if I can remember these: "Vincent".... "Marcene", "Sheldo", and "Oscar".)

VINCENT: MARCENE! What do you think?

MARCENE: ... We might not have a choice, Vince.

VICTOR: (If I don't start stalling now, I'm finished.) So why are Vampires so pale anyway?

SHELDO: Seriously? That's your question right before you die? Your last words?

OSCAR: Ahahahaha!!

OSCAR/SHELDO: Ahahahahaha!

SHELDO: At least ask something or say something of importance!

VICTOR: Okay, cool; where is it? The device. The Device you assholes stole! (Careful not to give away too much.)

(As he asked the question, he spots the device behind Marcene next to a large cargo box. Seems they wanted to get it out of plain sight, but didn't have enough time to hide it. It was a Pearl mix of white & grey. It was a sphere with a few buttons on it. With 2 curving lines paralleled going down the device vertically surpassing the horizontal buttons across the top. )

VICTOR: I see it.

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: There it is!!

[Back at the warehouse.]

SHELDO: Okay, these are my brothers! Oscar, he's the youngest. Then it's me, my name's Sheldo. Then there's Marcene, and then the oldest, Vincent. We're from "The Land Down Under" as you Americans call it.

VICTOR: Aren't you Australians American? (Good stalling.)

SHELDO: Uh, no?

OSCAR/SHELDO: Ahahahaha!!

(As the two youngest boys began to giggle more, Marcene gave them both a stern look which was word enough for Oscar and Sheldo to stop being so infantile.

Marcene looked down and to Victor and spoke.)

MARCENE: We're The Emmis.


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