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(Outside of the boiler room and down the lavish hallway, sits the condominiums security awkwardly in his small brown chair just next to the elevators. Watching as the guests pass by him. He always wears a cap that made him resemble a real, in the city, officer. Navy blue from head to toe with his button down pressed into his pants tightly. He had long swooping hair and a dopey face.

As he heard all of the guests pass by, he faintly hears the tones of screaming under all the commotion down the hall from the lobby. He looks down the hallway to the right of him, and then to the lobby main entrance, then down the hallway to the left of him. No. For certain, the faint screams were coming from the right of him. He gets up slowly out of his chair, and begins to walk down the hallway trying to pinpoint the direction of the screams. Eventually, he will find out that the screams are coming from the boiler room.)

VICTOR: What the hell are you talking about? I just learned to control this!

MICHAEL: (No break?)

(Victor stands alongside of Michael rubbing his right wrist with his left hand comforting the strain the handcuffs had left.)

[Meanwhile, back in the hallway...]

(The security officer receives a phone call as he walks down the hallway. Still trying to pinpoint where he heard all the screams coming from.)

WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Hello? Officer B. Don, where are you? Residents are complaining about screaming or noise in the engineer's basement.

OFFICER B. DON: But... but... are you sure? Maybe it's just some kids actin' funny! Can someone else do it? Just a quick look? Why I have to do it?

WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Because that's your job, B. Don.

B. DON: Yeah, but it's just some kids kiddin' around. Nun serious, right?

WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Good-bye, B. Don.

B. DON: So somebody else gonna look?

WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Just check! BYE, B. Don!


[Back in the boiler room.]

MAX: You will be learning the martial arts of my people. In correlation of your new abilities. We'll just call it... "Ape Art".

(Michael and Victor both cringe at the sound of the term, "Ape Art". Pouting their faces as though they've just tasted the most sour and disgusting food.

Victor standing next to Michael, holding his shirt in hand was first to respond.)

VICTOR: What's it called in your language?--


MAX: "Panudoai - Mohomindakai - Hominudakaiki - Zoofurt".

(Victor responds again while slipping his shirt over his head.)

VICTOR: Yeah let's just stick with "Ape Art".

MAX: Are you ready?

VICTOR: ...Yeah.

(Max stretches his legs apart past shoulder's length. He slightly bends his knees in a plie. He swings both of his arms with palms facing outward. fingers tightly attached to one another in each hand. Resembling something of a "Fusion Technique". As the arms come down over his chest, he bends his elbows with his palms facing his chest as his fingers open into a grappling form as though he may have been trying to cup his breasts.)

MAX: Let's get started!

[Outside of the boiler room.]

(B. Don is making his way towards the boiler room, but he gets stopped short by a voice broadcasting over the condominium's intercom system.)

WOMAN OVER INTERCOM: Free donuts in the cafe for all Latimer Motelidium Residence.

B. DON: (Free donuts!? Count me in!)

(Officer B. Don speeds past the boiler room heading for the Latimer Motelidium Cafe.)

[Back in the boiler room.]

MAX: There are some fundamentals to the art of my homeland: always have your feet set, a very strong base, and a well technical upper body form.

There are three core styles of Ape Art.

(Max then demonstrates each style. All similar to what Max had been doing with his form before demonstration. The only differences seemed to be the formations of the hands.)

MAX: There is the offensive oriented style.

(Max closes his hands creating fists with his knuckles facing each other.)

MAX: There is the defensive style.

(He opens his hands towards his chest and closes all air space between his fingers.)

MAX: Then there's the well-rounded.

(He cups his hands as he had before the demonstrations.)

MAX: Victor, you will be learning the offensive style. So, turn your power on, and let's get started.

(Victor changes the color of his eyes.)

[Outside of the boiler room.]

(Officer B. Don is seen walking back towards the main lobby with two chocolate donuts in his right hand, and eating a chocolate doughnut in his right hand. Icing and chocolate smeared across his lips onto his cheeks. The woman from the lobby's service desk began to scream at B. Don even though she was overrun with customers.)


B. DON: Ahe... the cafe had... free doughnuts for... everyone.

(The Service Clerk now scolding B. Don.

B. Don had no response for the scolding except nervousness.)

[In the boiler room.]

(Max and Victor train!

Right jab, Victor!

Left jab, Victor!

Max evades left,

Max evades right!

With an open claw, Max *BOMPS* Victor directly in the center of his chest. Victor goes flying backwards using his upper body strength to keep his balance as his feet "SKIRRRT* across the concrete. Victor falls to his right knee out of breath.)

VICTOR: Huhhh... huhhh...huhhh.

(B. Don whistles aloud as he approaches the boiler room door. He catches a whiff of his own breath.)

B. DON: (Yuck. Gotta remember to keep breath mints.)

( He jingles the small rack of keys as he unlocks the boiler room door.)


(B. Don hears the loud bangs. So fear catches him again. He peaks from behind the boiler room door. All he sees from a distance, was four large circles of light appearing to be eyes. 2 sets: one of red, and the other of blue. B. Don quickly shuts the door in terror, and presses his back up against it.)


B.DON: (What was that!?)

(B. Don should have realized the door opened inward. The door flies back open and B. Don gets pulled into the dark abyss of the boiler room.)

(B. Don lost consciousness and awoke to see Michael, Max, and Victor standing above him.)

B. DON: What the-- ... What the heck goin' on!? Why I'm cuffed up!?

MICHAEL: Just relax! We're not gonna hurt you.

B. DON: Too late! One of y'all checked me in the face!

MICHAEL: Actually, you did that to yourself. You hit your face off the wall over there when we were trying to contain you.

(Right of the staircase, was a huge facial abrasion on the wall.

Michael looks back over to Max.)

MICHAEL: I'll handle him. You guys should get back to work.

MAX: (...Hm, Michael can handle him.)

(Max and Victor go back to facing each other at a distance from the center of the room. Feet shoulder width apart for both of them. Max speaks to Victor where only the two of them could hear the conversation.)

MAX: We have to train without using our powers.

(Victor looks on in agreement because of Officer B. Don being in the room.)

(Victor throws another right hand jab,

Max evades left and grabs hold of Victor's wrist with his right hand, and tries to use his left hand to push Victor's right should forward to disable Victor's movement. But Victor evades!

Swinging a wild left underhanded hook towards Max as he spun around from the momentum.

Max just barely evades the hook and hops backwards out of harms way.)

(Victor scolds ready for more action.)

MAX: ... I think we're done here.

VICTOR: Good. I was getting tired of this.

MAX: Now we must go back to the school. Wyatt has the plans. We move tonight.


MAX: Do not worry; all of your senses and intellect have really improved in a short amount of time. You almost landed a heavy blow on me. Your ability to learn has also improved as you will begin to learn at a much quicker pace now.

VICTOR: We signed up to help you! We didn't sign up for a suicide mission!

(Over at the wall where B. Don was cuffed, Michael was "explaining" the glowing eyes B. Don had seen.)

MICHAEL: ... And that's why their eyes were glowing.

B. DON: Darn! Y'all coulda just told us they was usin' the space to train for a secret martial arts tornenament instead of takin' my whistle and clockin' me. People use this space for that kinda stuff all the time.

(Michael looks back over to Max and Victor with his hands still in his jacket pockets. Ignoring B. Don's outlandish statements.)

B. DON: Yeah! You'd be surprised! But them folks don't usually knock me out cold.

MICHAEL: Excuse me.

(Michael walks over to Max and Victor to discover what the argument was about.)

MAX: It's not a suicide mission!

MICHAEL: Hey, guys. What's going on?

MAX: Look, I will -- and I am going to do whatever it takes to protect my people. Now I would love your help, but I don't have time for this!

(Victor walks away from Max without another word to argue to pick up his jacket from the floor over by one of the walls in the room.)

MICHAEL: So was that a "yes", or a "no"?

(Up in the lobby, Max and Victor seemed to have calmed down and began a more civil conversation amongst themselves. Michael stood a ways from them saying his good-byes to Officer B. Don. Or more like, convincing him not to tell anyone of what he saw.)

B. DON: Y'all be safe with that martial arts stuff! I had a partner lose an arm in one of those in the late 90s.

(B. Don walks off leaving Michael to himself. So Michael walks over to Victor and Max as they have one more discussion before leaving the Latimer Motelidium.)

VICTOR: We should swap eyes. My favorite color is red, haha.

(They both seemed to now be on good terms as Michael approached as they both had smiles on their faces.)

MAX: You ready, Michael?

MICHAEL: Yeah we can go now.

(Victor has mastered the "Ape Art"... well, sort of. Now our guys are on their way to conduct a master plan with Wyatt. But is it enough to help Victor stop a nest of deadly vampires? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF APED!)


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