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MAX YORKI: Are you sure?

(Max's asks Micheal.)


VICTOR: It's about time! Now let's get this show on the road, shall we?

MAX YORKI: One more thing. I have to notify you both of the possible side --...

VICTOR: Yeah, yeah, we know. Slight chance of death.

MAX YORKI: Yes. Also, you will become extremely ill over the next few days. Your body will be adapting to change and improvements. You will heal shortly after, and we will begin our training.

MICHAEL: Wait. Do we have time to do all this? Your transportation toy has been stolen, remember?

MAX YORKI: Yes, but it will take them exactly two weeks to figure out how to use it. It was designed that way with a "Psychic Lock". It's like a... hypnosis tactic. It is the security protection design of the device. Unless, someone shows them how to use it. Which is impossible, because I am the only one from the Minohade Kingdom in this realm.

VICTOR: Let's do this.

MAX YORKI: Right. Wyatt!

(Wyatt still sits lying back with his feet upon the desk table 3 rows up with his hands behind his head in a relaxed position.)

WYATT: What?

MAX YORKI: I need you to close and cover your eyes as best as you possibly can. I don't want you to absorb any radiation from the energy omitted from my eye lasers.


(Max cracks a smirk.)

MAX YORKI: Yes. It shouldn't hurt... too bad.

MICHAEL: (Ah. What did I get myself into?)

MAX YORKI: Alright! Who's first?

VICTOR: I am of course.

(Victor looks over at Michael with a slight distaste. Michael holds his head down in uncertainty of the moment.)

VICTOR: (Why is Michael such a coward.)

(Victor walks up to Max fully prepared.)

MAX: Alright! I need you to look directly into my eyes, and don't blink until the beams are completely finished.

WYATT: Wait a minute!

(The room goes silent as Max, Victor and Michael all look over at Wyatt with strong curiosity.)

WYATT: Those glasses must be apart of your disguise!

(Victor and Michael go stale faced glaring at Wyatt.)

MICHAEL: (That wasn't important at all to yell out. He could have waited until later to say that.)


(Max takes off the glasses and tucks them into his shirt.)

MAX YORKI: Haha, yes these are apart of my disguise.

WYATT: Well that's cool.

(Max turns to Victor.)


(Victor steps up to Max and focuses forward.)

VICTOR: Yes, I'm ready.

(Max focuses directly into Victor's eyes without a blink. As his Irises begin to redden. They then turn completely red, and Victor's eyes widen in surprise. Max's eyes begin to glow and emit energy causing radiation. Michael looks on in surprise as well. Then, the rays completely expand and the brightness could be seen from even outside of the room's window in the heavy rain and storm. The light was so bright, it caused Michael to close his eyes and cover them with both of his forearms before the light calms after about 5 seconds. The room is quiet, but there is a buzz in the ears from such an explosive moment. Victor's eyes are now covered with the palms of his hands as his eyes are now emitting smoke.)

VICTOR: Ah-- that... HURT!

(Max rubs his eyes with a closed right fist as they also have smoke coming from them.)

MAX: It's not a swing in the jungle for me either.

(Victor tries to open his eyes, but can only manage to open the left one at the moment.)


(Wyatt lifts his head up from the desk and opens his eyes widely. Looking on in amazement.)


MICHAEL: Alright! It's my turn.

(Michael steps up to Max with the most serious of expressions.)

MAX YORKI: Okay, same goes for you; don't blink.

MICHAEL: Got it.

(Max's eyes turn a bright a red as the energy emits from his eyes into the eyes of Michael. Michael's eyes begin to absorb the energy. But not without difficulty this time. It took about 5 seconds longer than Victor, and Max seemed to struggle radiating all of the power into Michael before a loud flash and a jolt of power knocks both Max and Michael 6 feet apart onto their backsides. It takes a second before Max crawls to his knees with his eyes smoking and completely shut. Michael tilts his head up from his backside looking over his feet down to Max.)

MICHEAL: Did it work?

MAX YORKI: We will know in a couple of days. You will begin to experience spurges of power or un-ordinary improvements in your senses. It could be the smallest things: hearing a bit better than usual, seeing a bit better than usual, stronger than usual, before it all comes together.

MICHAEL: "Spurges"?

MAX YORKI: Yes, "spurges," I made it up. It is a combination of "speed" and "surges"; "spurges".


(And so, these new friends come together in the search for the supernatural. In term, Victor and Michael possibly becoming the supernatural. Will the power given from "Professor" Max Yorki transform Victor and Michael? Will it be enough to stop the 4 Vampires?)


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