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Updated: Jan 25, 2021


WYATT: Dude, I was serious.

(Wyatt reaches into his bag...)

WYATT: I have this device that can track down supernatural energies.

VICTOR: Like on 'Iconic Warriors'?

WYATT: Yes, precisely. And I designed it all on my own.

VICTOR: Wow, ahaha. Looks legit.

WYATT: That's because it is legit. Alright, how about I prove it. We will both go out after orientation tonight when everyone is scrambled, and then we will have some chance of finding out who and what this thing is. Every supernatural creature lurks at night, haha.

VICTOR: Alright! You've got yourself a deal!

[Back to Michael.]

(Michael had been training rigorously in the new dance studio. Now, he had worked up an extreme appetite. So he stopped by the cafeteria for a meal. Only he couldn't exactly decide what he wanted to feast on at the buffet. So he grabbed a bit of everything, found a seat, and started scarfing down food like it was his last supper. As he scarfed down the food, he received a visit from Eileen and Michelle.)


MICHAEL: Hm? Oh, hi! What's up?

EILEEN: Oh nothing. I was just coming over to say, "I think it was pretty cool the way you stood up to Simon."

Michael: Oh, well! *GULP!* Thanks! I always thought it would be pretty cool to meet him, but now I see he's an asshole.

EILEEN: Haha, well... I gotta go. See ya later!

(Eileen goes away from the table, but Michael loved watching her leave as his mouth hung open.)

MICHAEL: (... She's nice...)

(Michael heads back over to his room after the cafe. He takes a peak at his phone. By this time, it was 6:01pm.)

MICHAEL: (It's six o'clock. A couple hours before orientation. A nap is in order. Just... thirty... minu'...)


[It's time for orientation!..]

(The auditorium is filled on the bottom floor with newer students getting to know one another. Wyatt and Victor walk into the auditorium in the greeting area behind the last row of the bottom floor. Wyatt has his object in hand. The line through the middle is flat. Meaning no supernatural object had been picked up in the area.)

VICTOR: You spot anything yet?

WYATT: No not yet. Just the natural spirit frequencies for your typical human.

(Wyatt and Victor file into the middle row of the bottom floor of the auditorium. As they file in, an elderly gentleman with dark grey hair, around 50 - 60 years old, about 5'6" inches tall, of Asian decent walks from stage left up to the podium.)

Elderly Man: Hello, students! I am Dr. Lam VIII; the dean here at Lam University.--


VICTOR: Cut that off before you get us thrown out of here! And I need to know where things are around here.--

WYATT: What the?

It's picking up a slightly unnatural frequency. But from where? I'll put it on 'Vibration Radar Transmission'.

VICTOR: (Does that thing really work? But how? Could it really be reading supernatural energies?)

Do you think it's the dean?

WYATT: Nope. Signal's too faint to be him, but it's here somewhere. We just have to find it. I'll scan the primacy.

(Wyatt taps the screen of the device.)


WYATT: It's coming from that general direction.

(Wyatt nods northeast of their current location sitting in the middle row of the auditorium.)

WYATT: Let's go.

(Victor grabs Wyatt's arm as he began to leave his seat.)

VICTOR: No. We wait to find out who and what this thing might be. Let's try not to go after it head on like that. Let's catch it alone.

WYATT: Who died and made you Detective Holmes?

(Victor ignored the sly rhetorical question. He seemed quite fixated on understanding what all of this meant. He did not bother even looking at Wyatt.)

(There was pitched darkness. A darkness where nothing can be seen but the black. Michael's eyes open. As he lay faced down on the road. The road is visible, but the rest is still darkness. Michael gets up off of the ground.)

MICHAEL: Huh? Where am I?

(As Michael stood there, a piercing light from the left far above Michael's head shrouds his face. Michael takes a look up to see a resembling object in the sky. It looks like the sun!)

MICHAEL: (What the..?) So hot!

(The heat, unbearable. So Michael takes off his now drenched wife beater and tosses it to the ground. Well, it was the ground. Now a surrounding of water that lay around the shirt. As Michael focused on the water below, he realized it was red. A bright red.)


(Michael, terrified, he stumbled backwards and fell into the water. The seemingly shallow water now deep. As Michael sunk into the water. Michael scrambled reaching above him. As he struggled, his eyes opened as he was only dreaming. He awoke face down on his mattress. He sits up and he checks his phone for the time which red 8:51pm.)

MICHAEL: Oh no, I overslept!

(He hops out of bed and rushes out of the door, and out of the dorm. Running quickly to at least catch the end of the orientation. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Victor left the orientation slightly early to follow the trace of the supernatural energy. It was quite dark out, so Michael never saw the two running towards him. They collide high impact on the road under a light post. All three boys hit the ground, and Wyatt loses control of the tracking device as it flies out of his hand, and lands face up. Maybe Lam University needed more light posts.)

(As the three boys looked to regain their composure, Wyatt spots the device picking up a reading. The reading was coming from Michael. But not strong enough to be the creature they were looking for. But definitely above normal supernatural wave length.)

WYATT: What the..? No way.

(Michael and Victor begin to get up rubbing the back of their heads.)

VICTOR: What the hell?

MICHAEL: I'm sorry, didn't see --...

Wait, is that a "Soul-Rad 2.0" from Iconic Warriors? Where'd you get that?

(Wyatt rubbing his shoulder.)

WYATT: I designed it.

MICHAEL: Well can it really read--


VICTOR: I couldn't believe it myself, but this thing might really work. It's picking up something.

MICHAEL: No way.

VICTOR: Yes, and we're kinda on a search for whatever this is. There's something supernatural on campus, and we're going to find it!

(Michael looks down and takes a moment to think back on those two out of the ordinary moments he's had since being on campus. The feeling as though something or someone had been following him on the road, and that odd nightmare he had. What is going on with Michael?)

MICHAEL: (Wow... that's so... so... strange.) Can I help?

WYATT: Sure. I'm Wyatt.

(The two shake hands...)


VICTOR: Victor.

MICHAEL: Michael.

(The two shake hands...)


MICHAEL: Well, let's go find this thing! Sorry about your head.

VICTOR: No worries; I'm used to getting pummeled.

(Wyatt looks down at his radar, and it back to reading the direction of the supernatural creature they were searching for. Although he was still curious about Michael.)

WYATT: (No. It isn't him. The radar went back to normal. Although--)

VICTOR: Hey, Wyatt, what are you doing? Come on, bro!

WYATT: Uh, h... sorry.

(So new friends set out on a journey. A search for the supernatural. But what exactly are these friends looking for?)


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