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MARCENE: Vincent, you might have to just kill him.

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: He isn't buying enough time! I better get going!

WYATT: Will you be able to make it over in time?

MAX: Damn it! I can't go over there yet!

WYATT: What!? Why not-- he's gonna get killed over there!

MAX: He'll have to engage. That's the only way.

WYATT: "The only way", what!? To get him killed!?

MAX: He'll be dead sooner if they notice me on their trail!

(Wyatt realizes that Max was correct and goes silent.)

[Back at the warehouse.]

(On the other side of the earphone, Victor sits listening to the conversation of Wyatt and Max while attempting to stay vigilant so his life isn't taken within an instant.)

WYATT: Victor, you have to engage! Just don't die, alright!?

(Victor hears the request of Wyatt, but does not make it seen to the vampires that Wyatt and Max are having a mental breakdown. Victor's heart races out of control as Max, the person who instilled faith in him and the abilities of the Ape, was now out of balance with himself. Causing Victor's emotional state to free fall.)


MARCENE: What's that, Vince? His heart?

VINCENT: This guy's going to shit himself!


MARCENE: Just put him out of his misery, Vince.

VICTOR: Why... why are you guys here?

MARCENE: Because we're getting paid. Obviously, mate.

VICTOR: By who?

MARCENE: Alright, enough of this. Vince kill him.

(Victor realizes that there was no more time. He had to attack now. He then completely transforms as the hair grows down his side burns, and the structure of his face changes again to resemble the Chimp.)

OSCAR / MARCENE: What the hell!?


(Without another word of concern, a black shroud surrounds the bottom lid of Vincent's eyes, and then up the side of the corner of his eyes. His pupils expand to cover his irises. Now they were black also. Black veins pulsate to and from his eyes. He begins to show his fangs and move his tongue across his right fang. He was ready to fight... or to kill. Victor lets off a Chimp screeching howl.)


(Victor charges at Vincent.)

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: What is he doing!? He's already out of control.

[Back at the warehouse.]

(A wild 'right handed hook' floats over the head of Vincent as he ducks left out of the way of the hook which probably would not have connected anyway. Victor dukes up with un-clinched fists and 2 steps right to left. He then throws a 'right, left jab combination' that also misses with no chance of landing. Victor tries to close the distance. Vincent jab steps left, and then floats left. Victor still trying to chase him down. Vincent still with a huge smile on his face.

The other 3 brothers begin to speculate without taking their eyes off of the action below.)

OSCAR: What is he?

MARCENE: I don't know. You think he's connected to the guy we stole it from?

OSCAR: I don't know.

MARCENE: If he is...

(Marcene does not complete the thought.)



(Vincent continues to back pedal as Victor continues to apply pressure.)

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: He's out of control.

[Back at the warehouse.]

(Vincent swiftly, within the blink of an eye, moves to Victor's left before Victor could lock onto him, and locks his right arm under Victor's right arm pit. Now behind Victor, and clinches the inside of his left forearm across the jawline and throat of Victor in an attempt at a chokehold.)

VICTOR: rrrrrrr.

VINCENT: Ahahaha.

VICTOR: rrrrr.

VINCENT: Yeaaah.

VICTOR: Let... me... let me go!

(Victor continuing to try and loosen the grip the large vampire has around his neck with his left hand to no avail. Vincent was just much stronger.)

[Back at the dorm.]

MAX: He should be much stronger.

WYATT: Really? I mean-- that's a pretty big vampire.

MAX: He should be stronger.

[Back at the warehouse.]

VINCENT: I... don't know what the fuck you are, but... you're dead.

VICTOR: rrrrr.

(Victor then attempts several 'left elbows' toward the left hip of Vincent. No success; only catching air.)

VINCENT: Go to sleep. Go to sleep!

(Victor begins to loose his footing. The back of Victor's head now at the chest of Vincent. Now back on his heels at the mercy of the overbearing vampire.)

[Back at the dorm.]

WYATT: No. No. We have to do something. You have to get out there or he's gonna die.

(Max stands there baffled at the predicament he had put the young Victor in.)

[Back at the warehouse.]

MARCENE: It's over.

(As Victor begins to fade, the glowing sky blue color in his eyes fade away. Now at the waste of Vincent. Victor reaches up towards the face of Vincent. Vincent avoiding the frantic, desperate scrapes of the flailing left hand of Victor. Victor trying to grab hold of the left side of Vincent's head, but cannot find anything helpful to grab ahold of. The only thing he could do with his right hand is to put it on the ground. Losing all of the strength he had in his right arm with the firm grip of Vincent's clutched arm cutting off the circulation of blood into his right arm. Vincent was defenseless. His eyes now beginning to shut.)

MARCENE: Don't just put him to sleep-- kill him!

(Vincent then aggressively jerks Victor's head to the left with multiple efforts.)

[Back at the dorm.]

(Max stood there, wide eyed and speechless. And as he begins to turn his head towards the door, he hears...)


(Max quickly turns his head back towards the television. Wyatt jumps up back into his seat after slouching at the death of his friend. He looks deep into the television. Now as wide eyed and surprised as Max.)

[Back at the warehouse.]

(A heavy blow had been dealt to the right side of Vincent's jaw, and he looses the grip on Victor. Vincent stumbles back as spit flies from his mouth.)

[Back at the dorm.]

(Silence as Max and Wyatt continue to look on.)

[Back at the warehouse.]

(Vincent uses his index and middle finger to check the right side of his lip for blood. There was nothing more than saliva loose from his mouth.

Standing above Victor, keeping his eyes on Vincent, was Michael.)

MICHAEL: Victor, get up.

(Michael crouches down to support Victor who had almost lost complete consciousness.)

VICTOR: ... Michael? What the hell are you doing here?

MICHAEL: I was already here. I was with you the entire time.


MICHAEL: I was in your trunk.

VICTOR: What?-- how?

MICHAEL: When you left your keys on the counter back at the school. I picked up your keys and snuck into your trunk when you guys said I couldn't come.

(Victor then remembers back to the fact that he thought he had misplaced his keys before crawling up to his right knee now looking up at Vincent as well. His features still of an Ape, but the color in his eyes had not yet returned.

Up above, Oscar prepared to jump from above to join in on the action.)


(Oscar obliges.)

VICTOR: When did you get my keys back to me?

MICHAEL: Before we went up to the roof, I knew I wanted to go, and I knew you guys wouldn't let me. So I grabbed your keys. I unlocked your car from the roof. I must've pressed on the keys at least 10-15 times before I was able to spot your lights going off from the other side. I was just hoping your car was on the main parking lot. I threw them back on your bed when we got back to your room.

VICTOR: (You idiot, they weren't on my mattress to begin with.)

VINCENT: I guess I gotta kill two of ya' then.

(Michael goes into a traditional 'Karate'-like stance leaving his left arm bent with a fist down at waste level and outward. His right hand up at his right chin.)

MICHAEL: I'm not much a talker. Let's go.


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