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(Victor sits in the passenger seat drifting off into a slumber. Thinking back again to those lonely times as a child. He sleeps the entire way back to campus before awaking.)

VICTOR: You don't think anyone will notice you hanging out with students?

(Max looks at Victor without a response and steps out of the car. They make their way to the Freshmen Dormitory and up to Victor and Wyatt's room. Victor places his keys on the counter left of the front door before catching site of Wyatt hard at work.)

VICTOR: Michael hasn't made it here yet?

WYATT: No not yet.

(Wyatt sits laboring over a "table" working on... something?)

VICTOR: Where's our television?

WYATT: Oh, it's right here.

(Wyatt scrolls over to the side in his computer chair revealing the table he was working on was actually the 70 inch television.)

WYATT: The television is also a work station top. It folds over.

VICTOR: Wow. How...

WYATT: Chung Tech doesn't plan on releasing these models for at least another couple of years. There are manufacturing kinks. But I worked them out and got one for myself.

(Victor and Wyatt look under the table where the television screen is. Acknowledging the technological advancements.)

VICTOR: So what are you working on?

(On the table is a complete array of gadgets and tools.)

WYATT: Ah, these here?.. are bugs that will video cam from here to my receiver recording the entire fight so I can see everything.

VICTOR: (He automatically assumes there will be a fight. Of course.) But those little bugs are so small.

WYATT: They're called "Wy-Flies".

VICTOR: Because they heavily resemble flies.

WYATT: Yeah.

(Wyatt points to a small round gadget.)

WYATT: This one here is your earpiece to communicate with us from where you'll be. Since Max and I can't be there.

VICTOR: You won't be there because you'll be killed.

WYATT: ... Obviously. So, I'll stay as far away as possible.

(Michael comes through the dorm's door without a knock and joins in on the conversation.)

MICHAEL: What'd I miss-- What am I missing?

WYATT: Just showing Victor these cool gadgets he'll be using.

MICHAEL: Oh, cool! Can I see!?

WYATT: Sure! Come and check em out!

(Wyatt explains to Michael what the gadgets are being used for. Victor folds his arms now as he steers away to converse with Max.)

MAX: So, are you feeling confident yet?

VICTOR: Of course. I'm always confident.

(Max's heightened senses allows him to notice the lie Victor just told. The sweating and faster beating heart.)

MAX: You know it's okay to be afraid, Victor.

(Victor still stands with his arms folded.)

VICTOR: I'm not.

MAX: ... You are.

VICTOR: I'm not!

(Max agrees in silence reluctantly by rolling his shoulders and shaking his head.

Victor interrupts Michael and Wyatt's conversation.)

VICTOR: So, what's the plan?

WYATT: Well, Max is going to use his vision to spot these guys, and then, we can map out the attack.

MICHAEL: Wha'--? How?

WYATT: Apparently, he can spot things up to like...-- what is it-- like 100 miles away?

MAX: Ahahaha, it's up to about 60 miles away.


VICTOR: Can I do that!?

MAX: No. Not at that distance. Chimps usually are able to see up to about 25 miles away. Later, I'll teach you.

(Max looks over to Wyatt.)

MAX: Okay, let's do it.

(Max walks out of the dorm. Then Victor. Wyatt and Michael follow.)

MICHAEL: Where are we going?

MAX: Up to the roof to get a complete peripheral of the entire lands layout. Less objects to see through. I'd rather see over the top.

WYATT: So sick!

(They all make it to the rooftop under the dark sky. Max continues to walk near the edge of the Freshmen Dormitory roof. He then closes his eyes. And then he opens them. In his red scope of vision, he could see miles and miles away. He begins to scour the land!)

MAX: There they are. I've found them.

MICHAEL: How do you know it's them?

VICTOR: Yeah, you didn't necessarily get a great look of them the night it happened.

MAX: I remember their sizes. In plus...

(Max closes his eyes, and turns back around and re-opens them.)

MAX: When you see these guys, there's no way you can not mistake them for 4 vampires.


MAX: You know...--

WYATT: Yeah, leather clothes. Super emo.

VICTOR: ... Anyway, so what are we going to do?

MAX: Where they are, seems there's only one way in, and one way out.

MICHAEL: Where are they?

MAX: They're stationed up in the docks in a dock warehouse.

MICHAEL: (Not much room to avoid confrontation then.)

VICTOR: So I'm definitely going to have to fight these guys.

MAX: Alright, let's go back down and finish preparing.

(Max catches up to Victor and speaks with him as Wyatt and Michael walk ahead having conversation.)

MAX: When's the last time you've had a physical altercation?

VICTOR: You mean a "fight"? I'm part Irish; it's in my blood.

MAX: Okay. When?

VICTOR: Like... all the time.

MAX: Which is?

VICTOR: Okay, it's been a few years.

MAX: What's "a few years"? 3 years?

VICTOR: ... No. Freshman year of high school.

MAX: So it's been a while. That isn't too bad.

VICTOR: Well I've always been the best soccer player and really popular. So kids don't test me.

MAX: Maybe it's your aggressive demeanor.

VICTOR: Hmph. Maybe.

MAX: Michael when's the last time you've been in a fight?

MICHAEL: Oh, man... senior year of high school? Some kid decided he wanted to test me. So I put him in his place.

MAX: So you won the fight?

MICHAEL: Absolutely. No doubt.

WYATT: Michael's a nice guy, but don't fuck with him! Unless you want to wind up with your ass kicked.

MICHAEL: Well I took karate as a kid.

MAX: You seem to generally be well tempered, Michael.

MICHAEL: I know. That's why; It was the training as a kid. And since I'm always so mellow, I got into a few fights. But sometimes, one punch to the face did it.

[They make it back to Wyatt and Victor's dorm.]

VICTOR: So what's the plan?

MAX: Well considering there's only one way in, and one way out, there can only be one play. You're gonna have to fight.

(Victor looks down as nervous sweat begins to drip from the left side of his head.)

VICTOR: (Damn, I was worried they would say that again.)

MAX: Don't worry, all you have to do is keep them distracted long enough for me to get there.

VICTOR: And how long will that be?

MAX: It depends on the distraction.

WYATT: Here...

(Wyatt hands Victor a little black circular device.)

WYATT: Put this in your ear. We'll be communicating with you...

(Wyatt hands Victor the Wy-Fly.)

WYATT: Let this out of your pocket when you get there so we can see what's going on.

VICTOR: (Oh man, I wasn't planning on being killed before I even reached legal drinking age.)

(Michael continued to sense the anxiety of Victor before interjecting.)

MICHAEL: I'm going with you.

WYATT: !? Are you nuts!?

MICHAEL: I'm going.

WYATT: You're fucking crazy! You'll be killed in less than 30 seconds if these guys are as fast as Max says they are.

MAX: No. You won't be going. I already have to look out for Victor. I don't need you dead as well-- I mean...

(Max clears his throat.)

VICTOR: "As well!"

MAX: You know what I mean. You won't be killed. Don't worry.

(Victor now appears nauseous.)

VICTOR: (How the hell would he know that. I'll be dead as soon as I step through the damn door.)

MICHAEL: I'm going!


(The room goes silent; surprised by the unexpected aggression from Max's voice. Not another word before Michael stares into the eye's of Max with an angry expression before walking out of the room. Max looks back to Victor after Michael slammed the door shut.)

MAX: Alright.

WYATT: Yeah we better start moving.

(Wyatt looks down to his watch. Victor begins to surface a face of false courage.)

VICTOR: Let's go!

(Max walks over to Wyatt and holds out his right hand towards Wyatt who sat back down in his computer chair. Victor begins to look around the room. He couldn't seem to locate something.)

MAX: Earpiece?

WYATT: Here you go.

MAX: Now how does this thing really work?

WYATT: Oh you just--...

VICTOR: Anyone seen my keys?

(Victor is on all fours looking under his mattress.)

WYATT: Victor you can take my car if you have to, but you have to get going.

VICTOR: (What the hell! I know I put my car keys on the counter by the door over there in plain sight.) Alright.

WYATT: Wait! There they are over there, on your mattress.

(Victor looks over to the right front-end of his mattress where he spots the keys. He gets up from the floor, and snatches them up.)

VICTOR: Thanks. Alright, I'm heading off.

(Sweat still falling from his face. Wyatt nor Max respond to Victor's exiting statement. They thought he was nervous enough and didn't want to make it worse. Wishing him good luck may have been ominous. Victor heads down to his car, gets in, and heads on his way to the docs.)


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