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Updated: May 5, 2022


(Victor clinches his teeth together as his short fangs show. He focuses swiftly and aggressively in on Michael.)


(Michael runs as quickly as he can; terrified of Victor. He hides behind Max as Max prepares for a fight with Victor. Max shows his red pupils.)

VICTOR: AAAhhhh!!!

(Victor charges at Max with a fist full of fur.)


(Max evades left of Victor's straight on right hand jab which didn't have any sense of control. Max uses his right elbow to connect with the center of the back of Victor's neck to be sure the blow knocks him unconscious.)



(Victor's straight lined attack combined with the back of Max's backward swung, folded elbow connecting just as he passed caused Victor to fall to his face out cold, eyes closed. As he lay there, his body had returned to its normal state. No fur. No animal like features.)

VICTOR: (What the hell).

(Victor begins to awaken from the darkness of his eyelids. Chained, arms spread to a gas line on the wall of the boiler room.)

VICTOR: What the hell!? What's going on!? What happened!? What are you doing to me!?

(Victor tugs his arms, but he is completely immobile with them. He sits on his knees, shirtless with extremely high sweats.)


VICTOR: Damn. Handcuffs.

(Max walks over to Victor and squats before him.)

MAX: You've undergone your first transformation. And then you lost control. We have to fix that right away.

(Max gets up and walks back over to Michael before turning back to Victor who now holds his head low in exhaustion.)

MAX: First things first, we need to find out more about how your powers are emotionally triggered.

(Victor rises his head.)


(Max and Michael are stunned by Victor's "realization".)

MAX: (Is he seriously worried about a jacket right now).

(Michael points his left hand to the left of him where Victor's jacket was safely placed in the room on the ground.)

MICHAEL: It's... over there.

MAX: We had to take your shirt and jacket off. You were heating way out of control.


(Victor whispers to himself...)

VICTOR: They didn't have to put it on the floor.

MAX: What's that?

VICTOR: Nothing!

MAX: Where was I?.. We have to discover what makes you tick. What emotion do you despise the most?

VICTOR: Well... I hate feeling sad.

(At this point in time, Victor, reminisces a time on the playground as a 5 year old child. He sat alone on the swing set with his green backpack. In a jacket similar to the design of the jacket he wore now as a man. He looked on as the other children played together. One child sliding down the slide with a friend above waiting for their turn. Both laughing together in enjoyment. Another child running behind another across the sand of the playground pit. The game must've been tag from Victor's perspective.)

VICTOR: I didn't have very many friends growing up. I guess everyone thought I was privileged and spoiled. So I was always lonely. Never appreciated. That's why I became great at soccer. That way, I could be noticed. Get the appreciation I deserved.

MAX: ... Sadness is the key to your abilities. Now, we have to learn how to control it.

VICTOR: Everyone feels sad.

MAX: In theory, yes. But, extremities vary from person to person. Triggering Emotions are based on previous life experiences that have altered your complete being. Making you the person you are. Mine? Is contentment.

MICHAEL: Why "contentment"?

(Max give a wide smile at Michael.)

MAX: Another time. Right now, we need to help Victor get his abilities under control.

(Michael walks over to Victor, and places his left hand on Victor's right shoulder in support. Victor looks up in wonder of what Michael was doing. Then, Michael gives a him a smile.)

MAX: I need you to turn it on. This time, with control. You are handcuffed to an important gas line. If you don't have control, it will blow. I will have enough time to get away. You two, not so much.

(Michael still looking on at Victor. Believing in him. Victor puts his head down, and begins to grunt loudly. Attempting to perform another transformation. Michael takes a few steps back in precaution.)

VICTOR: Hrrrr!.. Hrrr!.. HHRRRRRR!

(The handcuffs buckle as Victor struggles to control the transformation.)


MICHAEL: (Come on, Victor! You can do it!)

(Victor has another image in his head of him as a boy. Lonesome with his backpack held tightly strapped to his back. No one around in the blackness.)


MICHAEL: (Come on, Victor!)


(Victor completes the transformation. And then, he returns back to normal. Has he learned to control the power? Victor looks up as Michael could see the tears on his face had streamed. Michael takes those same steps toward Victor this time to un-cuff Victor from the gas line. Victor falls to all fours before Michael outstretches a hand to him. Victor looks up at Michael in complete sadness. His hair had fallen out of place. Victor then glows his irises that sky blue color. Then, he opens his mouth to present his fangs. No other animal-like features had surfaced. He has complete control.)

MICHAEL: (He's done it.)

MAX: Great job, Victor. Now, time to train.

[Miles away in the darkness of the forest...]

(Four male figures of different height, weight, and hair styles -- is all we can determine, surround a circular, pearl colored device that seemed to be light-years ahead of our current technology with 3 swirled buttons placed at the top of the sphere. The smallest of the bunch had a flaunted Mohawk. Yet, he and the other small one, seemed relatively close in height.)

DARK FIGURE#1 - MOHAWK: We have to hurry up and find how this thing works. Before that "Thing" comes snooping.

(The tallest of the bunch seemed to have presentable hair-- from what we could tell. It was a very high shape-up cut. He was broad shouldered also. But... that's all we can see!)

DARK FIGURE#2 - SHAPED CUT: DAMN IT! Why doesn't it work!? It's been almost a week!

(The other short one, Dark Figure #3, with the height of the one with the Mohawk had his hair laid back. He stood in front of the Dark Figure that had very long silken hair hanging down. That Dark Figure was second in height, but not nearly as tall as "Dark Figure#2".)

DARK FIGURE#3: Are we even getting paid enough for this?

(Is that Max's teleportation device!? Are these the 4 Vampires that stole Max's teleportation device that allows him to go home to his world!? What are these 4 Dark Figures up to!?)


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