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VICTOR: ALRI' -- Ah... AH-CHUU!!! Uhhh.

(Victor sits in his dorm room completely wrapped in a blanket with red cheeks, high sweats, and a runny nose watching his favorite soccer team score a goal for the 1st time of the game. Wyatt comes barging into the dorm room.)

WYATT: VICTOR! I'M HOOOME! I went downtown and picked you up some meds.

VICTOR: Thanks, Wyatt. You're awesome. Although I'm not too sure how those meds will work for supernatural sickness. Hopefully this clears up before our first soccer practice tomorrow. You got a haircut as well?

WYATT: I did! Just needed my sides cut down. And the Mohawk was getting a bit out of hand. Hope I didn't mess up my nice button down shirt too much. And I'm sure you'll be alright for tomorrow, haha.

(Wyatt puts his bags on his mattress.)

WYATT: So I ran into your friend Lola today, and she's going to come over.

VICTOR: What!? How? When?

WYATT: I met her outside of our dormitory on my way out. We got to talking, and you came up.

VICTOR: (How... why would I come up in conversation!?) You know I'm in no mood to deal with anyone right now!

WYATT: Whoa, I thought she was just a friend. Besides, someone's gotta look after you. I've still got a few more errands to run.


(Wyatt and Victor peer wide-eyed at the room door.)

WYATT: Is she here already?

(Victor hops up quickly and runs for the closet.)

VICTOR: Don't open the doo--


(Wyatt heads over to open the door.)

WYATT: Oh, what's up, Michael?

(Michael stands in the door way, low-eyed with an orange cotton rob with navy blue lining. He's wearing a warm pouch on the right side of his head.)

MICHAEL: ... Hey.

(Victor pokes his head from behind the door.)

VICTOR: Oh, what's up, Michael.

WYATT: Come in, man!

(Michael walks in and Wyatt closes the door after him.)

MICHAEL: I just thought, since we both have this supernatural sickness, we could hang out. Since we'll be fighting vampires together.

VICTOR: Yeah, but ahh...

(Victor looks down.)

MICHAEL: Maybe you should put some pants on.

(Victor stood there in his boxers creating an awkward moment.)

VICTOR: Yeah I better... put some pants on.

WYATT: Alright boys, catch ya' later. I've got things to do.

(Wyatt heads out, and now the moment is slightly awkward again, but they both seem to be on the same accord on what they could do together to get acquainted.)

VICTOR: Video games?

MICHAEL: Mmmhmm.


VICTOR: Huhhh.

(Victor heads over to open the door, but forgot his pants. Then he goes to open the door.)

VICTOR: Hey, Lola.

LOLA: Hey, Victor!

(The trio hangs out for a few hours talking and playing video games.)

LOLA: Okay, thanks for the video games, but I better get going now. Although, I still don't understand how you both have gotten so sick. I hope this isn't some contagious virus, because I've been in here too long.

MICHAEL: Ahehehee. Somethings... in the air. We'll be alright.

VICTOR: I feel better already. See ya', Lola.

(Lola leaves the room. Michael turns to Victor and gives the most photosensitive smile; grinning ear to ear as a huge drop of snot starts to drip from his nose. Victor knowing exactly what Michael was hinting at.)

VICTOR: Don't.

MICHAEL: One question though: are you really feeling better?

VICTOR: I am. I feel terrific. You not feeling any better at all?

(Michael puts his head down as huge black circles have now formed around his eyes.)

MICHAEL: Hmm, I feel like... it's getting worse.


(Victor opens the door again.)

MAX YORKI: Victor. I've come to see how you were doing.

VICTOR: I'm fine, but him...

(Michael's tone has now gone pale. He sits on the edge of Victor's bed.)

MAX YORKI: May I take a look, Michael?

MICHAEL: Yeah, sure. Do what you have to do.

(Michael raises his head and Max puts his left hand on Michael's forehead. Max gets down to eye level with Michael, and his irises go red as he uses his x-ray vision ability to scan Michael's insides.)

MAX YORKI: His body is fighting the power.

(Grim worry rises on Victor's face.)

VICTOR: Is he going to --

MICHAEL: NO! No. I won't die. I was given this chance and this power for a reason.

(Victor and Max now stand in appreciation of Michael's poise. Max heads over to the front door before another word.)

MAX YORKI: I'll see you both tomorrow.

(Neither Victor or Michael respond as Max exits.)

(The next day, Victor is completely healthy and attends his very first soccer practice with his new teammates. The team's head coach steps up to address his new team as they all stand along the sideline of the field listening to their new head coach. The assistant coaches standing behind him.)

HEAD COACH: ALRIGHT! Welcome, Freshmen, walk-ons, and... anyone else who wasn't apart of this team last year. I'm Coach Butlin.

(The head coach had his hair gelled up top and gelled to the back on the sides. A slight part in the center. He wore a tight blue tee with green trim, and tight gray shorts.)

COACH BUTLIN: As you already know, some of you already have set roles on this team, for the others, you should be looking at this like high school tryouts. This will be a test of your strength not only physically, but mentally. So, LET'S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!

(The teams were chosen, and they lineup and run a full speed ahead scrimmage. The down the stretch is 3 - 3. Victor is excited and playing freely. Chasing down the player on the opposing team down the side line. He's about 7 feet away, but closes the gap in less than 2 seconds tops. The player in control of the ball, "Toharu Roberts". Toharu separates from a defender with a sharp turn of the corner pushing past; knocking the defender off his balance. Victor goes the off balanced teammate in hot pursuit of the ball.)

COACH BUTLIN: Good defense, Wu! But I believe the weight room is calling you!

(Toharu tries to advance the ball up to a teammate to the left of him with a more solid angle at the goal, but the speed of Victor intercepts the pass and turns the possession of the ball swiftly down the opposite direction of the field. Now having an open field opportunity with his advanced speed.)

COACH BUTLIN: Open field...

(Victor pushes the ball past mid-field, and fires a shot from +20 feet away. Flying past the goalie who was also off balance not expecting the shot from such a distance, and Victor nets it. Wu still lying on the ground complaining at the referee who is jogging towards the made goal by Victor down the left sideline.)

Wu: No foul!?

COACH BUTLIN: Alright! Thanks for coming out! You're all good to go! Thank you!

(Another top recruit in the same class as Victor, "Speedy Butlin", comes running over to congratulate Victor on his play.)

SPEEDY BUTLIN: Dude! Nice play!

(They bump fists.)

VICTOR: Thanks.

(Everyone heads to the locker room dress, and heads out. Victor and Toharu are left. Toharu comes over to speak about the winning play by Victor.)

TOHARU: Good work out there, mon.

VICTOR: Ha, thanks!

TOHARU: You bet. Although I'm surprised as to how you made that play. I over shot you by a good 3 feet. I saw you coming. You got some speed on you.

VICTOR: Thanks. I'm just feeling really good today.

TOHARU: Ahahaha. Alright. Well I'll catch you at the next practice.

VICTOR: Catch ya' later.

(Toharu leaves. Shortly after, Victor hears steps close in behind him and he turns to see who was approaching him as he closes his locker.)

MAX YORKI: It's time.

VICTOR: What? But what about --

MAX YORKI: Michael is fine. Although, he's not showing any signs of special abilities. I don't know why.

(Max and Victor head downtown into the city just around the bend 5 miles from the campus. They arrive at a huge condominium complex in the heart of the bustle of the city. Victor steps out of Victor's car and looks up at the huge tower.)

VICTOR: I know professors make good money, but how did you afford this?

(Max ignores the question and heads into the lobby of the condominium with Victor. The lobby is flustered with people and a guests of residents. Max and Victor head down the hallway left past the elevators to the boiler room. Max looks around before pulling keys and opening the door down showing light from the outside down into the boiler room. They head down where Michael awaits with his hands in his green jacket's pockets. The jacket had yellow trim.)

MAX: Has anything changed?

MICHAEL: No. I feel the same. Human. Nothing's different.

(Michael cracks a grin and looks down at his right hand.)

MICHAEL: I guess I'm just lucky to be alive.

(Max turns to Victor.)

MAX: Alright, let's get started. First thing we need to do, is find out what makes you tick.

(Max looks over at Michael.)

MAX: Michael?

(Michael clinches his right fist, and unexpectedly swings a right hook at the face of Victor connecting with Victor's nose.)


(Victor stumbles backwards hold his nose in his left palm.)


MAX: Victor.

(Victor clutches his right fist and takes a long swing towards Michael's face aiming for the left side of his jawline.)


(Max catches Victor's flying fist mid-air. Victor snatches his right hand away from Max upwards across his face.)

MAX: Seems anger doesn't set him off.

(Max takes a quick jab at Victor's face as he stumbles back to one knee. Scrunched over holding his face.)


VICTOR: SON OF A!!! -- ...

MAX: When you punched him, he just got angry. When I punched him, being his superior, it should have triggered something.

VICTOR: Rrrrr... RRrrr, rrrr!!

MAX: It should have triggered his power.

VICTOR: RRRrrrr! RRRRRrrrr!!

(Victor holding his head. His irises glow a bright baby blue color. Fangs start to form in his mouth.)

MICHAEL: But that doesn't mean he isn't angry.

(Victor tilts his head back, and his chest out. 4 animalistic lines form across the nose of Victor giving him an animal like face. Fur stretches in thick coat lengthening his side burns. His hair on his head now slightly blonder and sharper.)


MICHAEL: I think we better tie him up now.


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